Affiliate Huddle 2016…the rundown!

We recently attended the third Affiliate Huddle event at 1 Wimpole Street, London. This free one- day event covers hot topics in the industry through a series of talks and panel discussions; specifically aimed at advertisers.

This year’s event covered a great range of topics, including debates on innovation and growth across the industries channels and how we can work closely with content sites and luxury brands.

It was interesting to hear Deepak, Tailor, MD of free Stuff talk about how he became an entrepreneur and his experience on Dragons Den. Sandra McDill Chief Digital Officer at 7thingsmedia also gave an insightful talk on luxury brands in the affiliate channel and the event rounded off with a the hotly contested network panel where network heads debated the affiliate industry as a whole.

Some of the affilinet team gave their experience of the event:

Daisy-Blue Tinne- Publisher Development Manager

Affiliate Huddle covered all the classics – innovation, attribution, the IAB, as well as some less discussed topics such as Luxury affiliate programs. There was a great turn-out, which I suspect was due to the £0 tickets, and this was reflected in the mix of attendees. It was brilliant to see so many agencies, networks and clients, at all levels. There were some fantastic speakers, from the ‘ask the network’ panel, to successful affiliates, to Blue Chip clients, covering some genuinely thought-provoking topics.

Mary Ellen Cotter- Publisher Executive

I found the day really interesting, offering really good insight and encouraging debate on where the industry stands currently.

My highlights included the ‘Battle of the Affiliates’ panel, the ‘Affiliate Experts’ panel discussion and the talk on Luxury Affiliate Marketing by Sandra McDill. It was entertaining to see the different affiliates battle it out in the morning to prove why they were the best in the industry. Likewise, hearing from different companies such as MediaCom and Webgains talking on topics such as how important innovation is in managing affiliate programs. I also really enjoyed Sandra McDill’s presentation on Luxury Affiliate Marketing.

Overall, the day was a great success and opportunity to network within the industry!

Stephen Hoang- Account Manager

This was my first Affiliate Huddle, but I think it’s been really insightful and relevant. Good to see what the different channels were doing and what their thoughts were on current trends within the industry. Also, the question which addressed advice that members of the panel would give to account managers was very succinct and applicable to myself. Really loved the final discussion with the network heads; Helen owning the panels as always! 

Jacob Jeffery- Senior Account Manager

The network leader panel was really interesting. The dynamic between each of the network leaders was really interesting, and I thought the panel  made it clear which networks understand where their business should be going, and which networks potentially do not. To see them debate issues such as the IAB, payment models and customer journeys provided a really interesting platform.

Michael Foley- Sale Consultant

Affiliate Huddle was a very interesting event. What stood out for me the most were the debates around from the ‘Ask the Network panel’. The 5 speakers went face to face, tackling very strong points which raised a few questions about the performance industry. How the industry is facing current challenges and how we as an industry are finding the solutions to overcome them. I would like to share just a few questions from this heated but needed debate.

Ad blocking – It seems this question was a lot trickier than first expected. Ad blocking is fast becoming a recommended tool in online marketing. The waste of display ads and space (in my opinion) is what is causing this to rise making it harder to ignore. The questions lies on who do we really approaching order to overcome this?

Online to Offline – Another hot topic of how we can truly intertwine these 2 segments in most companies where they are seen as almost competition. The value of overcoming this challenge is essential. Brands and retailers finding harmony would only reap rewards in the long term. This would boil down to the customer’s journey and experience.

Thanks to Affiliate Huddle team for organising a great event, we look forward to the next!

Serena Masih

Serena Masih

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