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As a Sales Manager at affilinet I thought a really interesting and topical talk for me to attend would be “Build a relationship and the rest will come”. It was made even more relevant as it was presented by Jess Markwood from OSOYOU.com, who we work very closely on a lot of our fashion retail programs. The key focus of this presentation was the blogosphere and how it can be utilised by merchants, networks and affiliates. OSOYOU.com is part of Aigua Media, a huge fashion blog network, and Jess talked the delegates through how to manage their relationship with bloggers and content affiliates in general.

A key message was how important content is as part of an affiliate program. Jess felt that sometimes this is overlooked as merchants tend to focus on incentivised traffic. However the message here was that if you build a relationship with content publishers, the rewards can be extremely gratifying and a key part of your program, especially if you are able to be included as part of a blog post, with all the credibility this brings. It was even suggested that bloggers are now as influential as celebrities, so who wouldn’t want to include this as part of their program?

Now for the nitty gritty… what are the key elements of building a relationship with your publishers? Actually it’s very much common sense. Make sure the content you approach them with is relevant to their brand and keep it concise with a clear message. Personal contact is extreemly important and incentivising bloggers helps. And lastly stay connected using Facebook and Twitter. affilinet were featured in the presentation for being extremely good at keeping it personal and I would expect nothing less from my team!

This blog post would not be complete without a mention of the short film that was played at the end of this presentation, much to everybody’s delight with two super cute otters holding hands, swimming through a stream together, demonstrating a very very good working relationship indeed!

Danielle Wykes

I am a Sales Manager at affilinet. I have been with the company for nearly two years and I am thoroughly enjoyingmy time here. Prior to affilinet I worked in online, on the publisher side at Lonely Planet and before that The Register. But I have to say I think the cut and thrust of performance marketing is a lot more interesting! Outside of work I enjoy cooking for my friends, travelling to as many different cities as possible and generally having a good time!

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