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AdJug talks Dynamic Creative Advertising

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UK online advertising exchange, AdJug gave an informative presentation at last week’s affilinet presents event where they discussed dynamic creative advertising and its prospects for advertisers. Adjug addressed what opportunities they can offer advertisers to boost their affiliate programs, highlighted potential challenges in the channel and offered advice on how merchants can work around these in collaboration with AdJug  and affilinet. To conclude, AdJug  gave us an insight as to what we can expect from them in the future.

To summarise the presentation, I was asked to offer a series of brief insights on dynamic creative advertising which are as follows:

An interesting fact or stat that you didn’t know – and what it means for advertisers.
Adjug’s exchange currently serves three billion plus ad impressions per month to more than 67 million unique users across more than 2,000 publishers and 4,000 sites worldwide. The reach that clients get is phenomenal!

A major opportunity presented by the channel.
95-97% of people drop off from a site when 60% have the intention to transact so what Adjug specialize in is re engaging with those customers intelligently. They can also up-sell and re-engage customers by showing them add on products for example if someone bought a bed Adjug’s technology could show the customer the matching side table. Adjug can integrate a clients product list by CSV, XML and now by API.

As an advertiser Adjug will work with you to tailor the retargeting campaign looking at frequency capping for how many times/ time of day with purchase history to decide on the ad that is shown to a customer.

Most compelling hint or tip to implement today.
Its not about chasing users around the web until they click on your ad out of submission. Where you are and how you appear is still as equally relevant to most.

Something to watch out for the future.
In August 2011, Adjug was acquired by IgnitionOne their smart dynamic retargeting solution will get more and more intelligent as the companies merge their technologies.

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Helen Nugent has been with affilinet since the launch of the UK operation in 2005 and holds the position of Client Services Director. She is responsible for managing the client services team, day to day support, strategy and development.
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Helen has over 8 years affiliate marketing experience overseeing many of the UK's largest affiliate programs including eBay, Interflora, The AA, Zurich and John Lewis. She has a broad and in-depth knowledge of all the key vertical sectors and excellent affiliate understanding. As a key part of the UK management team Helen has been a crucial driver in growing the UK business. She previously held the role of Key Account Manager at dgm and holds a BA (Hons) in Marketing.

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