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Last week the award winning British cocoa grower, Hotel Chocolat and Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club launched their affiliate marketing program with affilinet.

To celebrate their launch, the affilinet team were invited to join Hotel Chocolat for an afternoon of fun at the Hotel Chocolat cocoa vault (aka School of Chocolat) at their store in Covent Garden. This was a chance for the team to experience the brand and see first-hand where the magic happens. We got to learn about the origins of Hotel Chocolat’s coco beans, to tasting different types of their chocolate and finally making our own chocolate.

When we arrived to the store, we were taken to a separate room downstairs and greeted by their lovely team with a glass of Hotel Chocolat Rose and Prosecco. Once we were seated, Harry the School of Chocolat host gave us an overview of the origin of their coco beans, how the chocolates are made and what makes their chocolate a luxury product. Throughout the talk we tasted different types of chocolate before seeing all the machines that take part in the adventure of making the luxury products.


IMG_2859HC machineHC chocolate mach
One of my favourite parts of the afternoon was making our own chocolate- we got to hand crush coco beans until it turned into a paste, then added sugar, a coco butter liquid and stir until it was smooth and runny. Harry then added temper chocolate to release the tension in our chocolate before we poured the mixture into HC moulds and the best part was we got to eat the left overs!


HC beans


HC chocolate

HC pouring

After all that hard work the Hotel Chocolat team offered everyone a cup of their branded tea and Chocolates before giving us all a goody bag with the chocolates we made and a complimentary box of chocolates.

It was a great afternoon and I would recommend for everyone to go to the ‘School of Chocolat’ experience especially if you love chocolate as much as we do.

You can find out more about the Hotel Chocolat and Hotel Chocolate Tasting Club program here.

Here are more photos below from our afternoon at the School of Chocolat.


HC making


HC Pete

HC bag


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