IAB Social Media Shake Up

Last week I attended the IAB seminar ‘Social Shake Up’ along with some of the affilinet team. As it was social media week, the event focused on four panel speakers who showcased some of the top creative social media campaigns from 2015.

One of the campaigns that really stood out to me was the Sure- non-stop summer silent disco by TMW Limited.

Sure has used video in a variety of ways to engage with their audience but this year they gave TMW Limited the challenge to make their festival sponsorship activity go that bit further. Reaching more than just the 80,000 festival goers they had to use video without sound to engage with thousands. This was a chance for Sure to engage with their customers and increase their brand reach across social media by giving away festival tickets through a social media campaign.

Sure ran a Twitter campaign which invited consumers to watch a silent disco and guess the artist and the name of the track being mimed in the video. The Sure followers needed to share their answers with an A, B or C and #NoStopSummer to win tickets. As the correct answer was the last one shown this ensured that viewers engaged with the video from start to finish. The campaign achieved incredible results with 93,531 video views, 2,000 competition entries, 0.28 second average view duration and 25.6% engagement rate.

Sure also maintained campaign activity after the competition, allowing those that didn’t win to still be a part of the festival fun! Two bloggers were given tickets to the event and asked to upload a video with their festival moments including the campaign hashtag. Both bloggers had a high follower rate compared to Sure; so this was a great way to push the campaign outside of the brand itself and increase their brand reach. Sure and both bloggers uploaded their videos individually and all videos had high impression rates and engagement.

The four key take a ways I took from TMW are as follows-

  1. Look for ways to make the feature of social media platforms work to your advantage
  2. Keep competition entry mechanics simple yet interesting
  3. Live reporting doesn’t always need to come from the brand itself
  4. Influencers are great for reach, but make sure they and their audience are relevant to the brand


Serena Masih

Serena Masih

Serena is a Sales and Marketing Executive at affilinet and her main responsibility is to provide ongoing support to both the Sales and Marketing teams. Serena maintains the sales and marketing database, events, communications support and manages affilinet's social media and online presence.
Serena Masih

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