Marketing Week Live- Marketing to the digitally native women.

Yesterday I attended Marketing Week Live at Olympia Grand in Kensington. The exhibition was broken down into four key zones designed to reflect the challenges in marketing today; engage, experience, convert and personality. There was an extensive conference program and I managed to sit in on some insightful and interesting talks, amongst visiting exhibitors at the event.

One session I found particularly insightful was “Making the impossible possible; what you need to know about marketing to today’s digitally native women.“ As someone who is interested in social media and digital marketing I was particularly excited for this talk. The speaker line up was very relevant featuring- Liz Le Breton- Acting Senior Brand and Campaign Manager for ASOS and Annie Ivanova, SME Specialist and Founder of Pink Moods.

The key focus of this presentation was to explore the importance of the millennial women, a demographic who are diverse and digitally native. The presentation began by highlighting the changing perception of women in media, before setting the scene with the emergence of digitally native women and the importance they play in marketing today. This demographic of women are digitally savvy, able to connect with, create and share content at a whole host of touch points and they clearly are not a demographic to be ignored! Half of millennial women shop online at-least once a week, they have a spending power of 1.4 trillion dollars and are prolific users of social media. These women are looking for opportunities to engage with brands which understand them and create a conversation- this is where content is key.

The importance of content was certainly clear with 34% of millennial women saying they would read online articles to learn about new brands and products and 20% using social media to learn about brands via social channels. In terms of content marketing the talk certainly provided some key messages. First and foremost,  content must always be credible; there is no point in putting content out there for the sake of it, instead content should be planned and targeted. Secondly- understand your audience, knowing your audience is as critical as doing content in the first place. Having a strong understanding of your audience will allow you to create targeted content which is relevant and engaging.

Sophie Parry-Billings

Sophie joined affilinet as a Marketing Executive in September 2013, after an internship in PR. She is responsible for pro the implementation of the UK marketing strategy and raising brand awareness through events, PR and online activity.

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