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We had another brilliant two days at this year’s Performance Marketing Insights. The affilinet coffee van was in full swing across the two days supplying delegates at the event with freshly brewed artisan coffee. We were also able to bring along the 50 publishers who won a day one pass to the event. This gave long-tail affiliates who would not normally be able to attend the chance to come to the event, meet with advertisers and listen to various sessions on the conference agenda including our MD Helen Southgate’s session on the future of affiliate marketing. This session put our vision of the channel in clear perspective whilst also showcasing the results from our publisher survey conducted prior to the event.

To view Helen’s full presentation from the event please click here.

Three of our team members attended Performance Marketing Insights for the first time this year. With a fantastic line up of speaker sessions at the two day event I asked them to give me an account of their experience.

Eleni Savva-Office and HR Manager
It was my first time at PMI so I didn’t know what to expect. It was interesting to see the different approach other companies took in regards to their stall set up and presentations. I also had a chance to attend a couple of talks throughout the day which was good to hear different views from experienced people in the industry. It helped me gain a better insight into the affiliate industry as I am quite new to the business and was fantastic opportunity for networking.

Mary Ellen Cotter- Publisher Executive

Having just joined affilinet exactly a month ago, I was so thrilled that I could attend the PMI’s for the first time. I found the day so interesting and was a great opportunity to hear talks on the trends in the industry, and meet clients and industry professionals.

I particularly enjoyed the talk on ‘There is no such thing as Big Data’ by Jeremy Waite; how there is so much information being transmitted to the consumer, that the essential message is lost. People are forgetting more and more about the importance of the content in a message, and there is a lot of noise in advertising at the moment. I definitely enjoyed this talk as it resonated with me and my online experience.

The impression I got overall from the event, was that everyone there was really passionate about what they do. As I have just begun my career in the industry, I felt extremely fortunate to have the chance to witness some exciting talks and to get introduced to some of our clients. I really enjoyed the day and found it extremely beneficial.

Peter Musumeci- Sales Consultant

I have been at affilinet for 4 months and this is also the amount of time that I have been in affiliate marketing. I have been to a few industry events before Performance Market Insights (PMI), but this event really stood out as the true showcase for performance marketing.

My first impression of PMI was how extremely friendly and approachable everyone at the event was, although a great deal of business was being achieved, the event never felt too formal. It was extremely easy to gain insight, on the past, present and future of affiliate marketing from people who have been in the industry for a great deal of time.

What was truly great about this event is that affilinet were able to bring 50 publishers who would not usually have the chance to attend. As I predominately speak to advertisers and agencies, it was great to be able to speak directly to the publishers, as I strongly believe they need to be treated equally. These publishers also gave me some great insight which I do not believe I would not have gained from the advertisers, networks, agencies and technology providers attending the event.

Lastly but not least, I was able to watch our managing director Helen Southgate enticing presentation on the future affiliate marketing. This really put into perspective our vision for the channel and how others in the industry viewed this, which the majority seemed to agree with. All in all it was a fantastic event which I hope to attend next year!


Until next year….

Sophie Parry-Billings

Sophie joined affilinet as a Marketing Executive in September 2013, after an internship in PR. She is responsible for pro the implementation of the UK marketing strategy and raising brand awareness through events, PR and online activity.

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