1&1 Affiliate Program Launches with affilinet UK!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the 1&1 affiliate program! affilinet already run the 1&1 affiliate program in other European markets and have a long associated history with this fantastic brand. We are very happy to be bringing this successful partnership to the UK.

Who is 1&1?
1&1 is one of the world’s largest webhosts in the world with currently over 70,000 servers and more than 11 million registered domains. 1&1 also provide the fantastic My Website product, allowing anyone to create a professional looking website within minutes, and at a great price.

The 1&1 program
The 1&1 program has huge reach as it is run via affilinet, in major European markets including the UK, France, Germany and Spain allowing for a truly pan-European approach.

Why should you promote 1&1?
The 1&1 Affiliate Programme offers a great possibility to earn money through your website. There is a large range of innovative products and attractive commissions on offer. Every year we pay around £ 7.5 million in commissions to our worldwide partners, so sign up now and start earning! As a 1&1 Affiliate, you benefit from:

• High conversion rates
• High profiling of 1&1 products through print and TV advertising
• Products available for promotion include; domains, My Website, Webhosting, eShops, Email Solutions, Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers
• Professional support from the 1&1 affiliate team
• Free access to the 1&1 advertising pool
• Tiered commissions ranging from £2.50 to £300 per sale

Cookie Period
30 days

For more information on the 1&1 program click here or you can contact Key Account Manager James Bennie at j.bennie@affili.net.

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