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After sitting down with some of the team to get their perspective on 2015, I decided to find out their predictions for the year ahead. Find out more below…

What’s the one thing you would like to see happen in the affiliate industry in 2016?

James Bennie, Account Director

I would like to see more automation within affiliate programmes.  Account managers are often spending a lot of hours on tasks revolving around reporting, validations and analysis.  We have seen good progress in being able to make a lot of these processes automated which frees up much more time to focus on ways of growing programmes.  Looking beyond admin based tasks, introducing automation to the way we work with affiliates could be very beneficial.  affilinet’s PerformanceAds, for example, goes a long way to automating the recruitment and activation of long tail publishers, which is very exciting!

Richard Leake, Senior Publisher Development Manager

The one thing I would like to see is a real focus from advertisers to provide relevant engaging content and creatives for content sites, everyone wants to move away from cashback and voucher yet there are very few advertisers who provide real top quality content on a regular basis.

Jonathan Reynolds, Head of Client Services

As the strength of the long tail grows, this should make a big difference to the long term health of affiliate programmes. Historically advertisers and networks have been guilty of chasing a quick and easy sale which has often meant programmes are heavily weighted towards one particular model, which can be hugely risky – don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Hopefully in 2016 all parties will take a more pragmatic, long term view to creating and maintaining to healthy and sustainable programme with the right mix of publishers. Not only will this bring the best results for advertisers, but also the affiliate marketing industry as a whole.

Jean-Luc Germiquet, Account Manager

I’d like to see a continued move towards rewarding publishers for influencing the sales cycle, in addition to providing advertisers with the last click. As advertisers seek out more contextually rich placements, with a focus on content-sites, I think that the need to attribute influence right through the sales-funnel will only grow. And I’m glad that affilinet is developing the technology to do this.

What is the online marketing trend for 2016?

Stephen Hoang, Senior Account Manager

One trend which I think will develop in 2016 is cross device tracking. This may roll into 2017, as it’s a tricky one to track a user from one device another.

Another trend would be the assisted commission model, allowing publishers who play a role in the purchasing journey (but are not the last click) to be rewarded as well as the last click.

Jacob Jeffery, Senior Account Manager

Intelligently utilising the data that brands and networks have to hand is going to be vital online in 2016. Whether it is programmatically targeting consumers through display, or utilising customer journey data to value different marketing channels (be it mobile vs desktop or paid search vs display); the industry will continue to look to data to assist with all decision making processes.

I also think that 2016 will see merchants looking beyond traditional performance metrics. For years brands have been content to simply look at impressions, clicks or conversions; but I believe in 2016 we will see a shift towards valuing marketing channels that provide websites with the most engaged consumer traffic.

Daisy-Blue Tinne, Publisher Development Manager

I think the key change in 2016 will be taking mobile seriously, as a standalone opportunity to engage with users, not just an after-thought to a desktop designed strategy.


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