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It has definitely been a busy year at affilinet and as the end of 2015 is fast approaching I decided to sit down with some of the team to get the perspective on the year. Find out more below…

What do you think the biggest change in the affiliate industry has been this year?

James Bennie, Account Director

At affilinet we have seen a growing demand from our key clients to provide viable opportunities to increase activity with content partners.  There has always been that desire from clients, but there are more options to engage with these affiliates.  Specifically, bloggers are becoming much more aware of performance marketing and how they can monetise their activity, and we have leveraged this with many of our clients this year.

Jonathan Reynolds, Head of Client Services

The great thing about the affiliate industry is that it’s constantly evolving. Many of the key talking points of this year have been bubbling under for a while, but networks and industry publications, have brought them into the limelight as key talking points. However, I would say the greatest change has been the recognition of the importance of long tail publishers, and in particular the drive to work closer with bloggers. The best networks and programmes have made this a focal point for diversifying the publisher portfolio and this has been a refreshing change.

Stephen Hoang, Senior Account Manager

I think that the biggest change in the affiliate industry this year is the increasing number of customers using mobile devices to make their purchases. Cashback sites have seen around 25% traffic from mobile this year. The increasing phone size has really played a role in encouraging users to shop through mobile, according to an IAB psychological study.

Jacob Jeffery, Senior Account Manager

I don’t necessarily think that the online world sees any drastic changes over the course of months; what we do see however is a constant evolution of strategies and technologies – 2015 has been no difference. Brands are continually looking for new ways to analyse their online spend in order to better increase their return on investment; affiliates specifically have felt this in 2015.

The affiliate industry is being challenged by brands to get the best possible value from their spend, which means that networks are having to develop methods to look beyond the last click. Merchants now want to see data and analytics to address the consumer journey far higher up the marketing funnel; meaning that networks and publishers must constantly evolve to meet these needs.

What do you think have been the key buzz words for 2015 and what do you predict them to be in 2016?

Richard Leake, Senior Publisher Development Manager

Key buzzwords are Programmatic and ad blocking for sure and I believe that ad blocking in particular will continue to be a buzzword in the industry.

Jean-Luc Germiquet, Account Manager

I think this year has seen a strong focus on working with content partners in the affiliate channel. Specific to this, the buzz word would be ‘bloggers’ in the affiliate space. The number of blogs entering into affiliate activity is growing, and NOW TV is working closely with bloggers from across the UK in its activities.

Daisy-Blue Tinne, Publisher Development Manager

The key buzzwords for 2015 have been Native Advertising, Geotargeting, Internet of Things and my prediction for next years will be Automation, Programmatic, Funnel

Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog on what the team predict for 2016.

Serena Masih

Serena Masih

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