affilinet Product Webservices Version 3

affilinet’s Product Webservices Version 3 is a quantum leap in the way in which we distribute our advertiser’s product data. Product Web Services provides you with access to everything you need to ensure that your company model is well-positioned for the future – at no additional cost – through the intelligent preparation and utilisation of our product data. We are pleased to offer our all new cutting edge web-service, set to host millions of additional advertiser products so advertisers, keep them coming!

With USPs such as facets and filter queries which resolves queries such as “Give me only products, which have the value ‘White’ in the field ‘Colour’!”, affilinet Product Webservices is good news for the whole of the online retail sector -for advertisers and publishers alike. This new service allows publishers to market the advertisers’ products much more effectively with more targeted access to product data, which also provides your end customers with the opportunity to find products in a more targeted way according to intelligent groups e.g. by size or colour. Product Webservices version 3 is now available in every country in which affilinet is present- delivering more data, quicker and with a broader range of additional filter options.

Once implemented, communication between your website and the affilinet product database is automatic and no manual interaction or additional programming time will be required.The new Product Webservices will significantly improve the relevance of your search results because your customers only want to see what they are searching for. See the impressive results for yourself!

Lauren Herbert

Lauren joined affilinet UK at the beginning of 2012 as a marketing executive. Lauren will become heavily involved in the affilinet social networking platforms and events side of marketing and is looking forward to implementing exciting new strategies in the coming year. As a Brighton Business Graduate, Lauren's previous employers include IBM and Films United.

In her leisure time Lauren enjoys live music events, spontaneous adventures, vintage shopping and making attempts to master Italian.

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