affilinet Talks Sport

To commemorate the week that’s in it, we thought we would mark the occasion by asking the affilinet team a few sport related questions.
First up: What is your greatest sporting moment?

Paul Brown: “When England won the Rugby World Cup (2003).”

Viivi Vaatainen: “After 10 minutes of punching a wall to demonstrate my point, I was finally given permission by my Krav Maga instructor to be the only girl in class allowed to punch with a fist instead of the palm (something about girls’ wrists being too fragile). Girl power, haha!”

George Bett: “Liverpool winning the champions league final in 2005. 3-0 down at half time only to win on penalties.”

Engin Seyhun: “When my football team reached the upper league after having a great season I had the most assists on our team.”

Pete Berry: “Having represented my school in “throwing the cricket ball”, my greatest feat was throwing a snowball over Ikon nightclub in Bolton. Only one to manage it out of my friends.”

Gary Bicker: “Playing cricket for Kent and most recently this was usurped by getting my 1st hole in 1 on the golf course last Friday!”


James Lovelace: “Scoring a goal at Stamford Bridge (Chelsea’s ground).”

Helen Nugent: “Not really an Olympic sport but I won (as part of a troop) ‘Best South East England dance youth club’ many many
years ago, we dresses up in boiler suits and did a ‘Space dance’.”

Check out the blog every day this week for more revelations from team affilinet!

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