affilinet Talks Sport – Round 3

Today, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know, we are continuing with our sports-related blog posts! With the Opening Ceremony fast approaching we asked the team: What are you most looking forward to about the Olympics?

Engin Seyhun: “I´m looking forward to the great atmosphere during the Olympics and the guests coming from different countries with different cultures.”

Karen Sweere: “All those months of counting down until the Olympics, now they are finally here. I’m looking most forward to the swimming matches. Being Dutch I will, of course, be cheering for the Dutch men and woman and hope they will show how good they are. Hopefully Micheal Phelps (US) will also show what he is capable of.”

Helen Nugent: “Living in Greenwich right near to the park and close to the Olympic Village, I’m really looking forward to the general buzz and events supporting the Olympics, so I hope to get out to a lot of the free art/ music events that will be going on around London.”

Paul Brown: “Any Paralympics event, because those guys are so inspiring.”

What are you most looking forward to? Tweet us @affilinetUK or leave a comment. Look forward to sage advice and motivational sayings aplenty from the affilinet team in tomorrow’s blog post – not be missed!

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