affilinet Talks Sport – Round 2

Today we’re asking our fellow affilineters: Imagine you are participating in the Olympics. What would you win a gold medal for?

Rosana Bosanac: “I’d have the medal for most minutes during the day spent on thinking about food.”

Pete Berry: “I was in the Commonwealth Games Manchester pole-vaulting heats…but my athlete was disqualified when I was measured as two foot longer than the other poles…boom boom!”

Paul Brown: “Do they have a medal yet for speed eating? I’m planning to do some training at Meat Liquor off Oxford Street.”

James Lovelace: “Talking.”

James Bennie: “If I participated in the Olympics, I would want to win gold in the football.  It’s the only sport I have any interest in, all the others are massively boring!”

Join in and let us know what you would win gold for.

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