affilinet’s New Year’s Resolutions

As we enter 2014 everyone at affilinet has made their New Year’s resolutions and predictions for the year ahead. I for one think that vouchers, incentives and the affiliate ideology are having a bigger impact than we realise, as stores themselves are becoming more incentive savvy. M&S were very aggressive in providing in store codes pre-Christmas – I myself took advantage. My affiliate resolution is to see how the online (affiliate) channels begin to affect and build relationships with offline activity. I predict GEO targeting will grow and Call Centres be prepared! I decided to ask the UK team for their professional New Year’s resolution, find out their thoughts below.

Helen Southgate, Managing Director

I want to ensure that affilinet are pioneers of best practice, integrity and innovation within the affiliate space. Doing things the right way and in the interests of our customers, not our bottom line as well as work with other stakeholders in the industry to improve the PR of our channel and gain more marketing budget and share.

Peter Berry, Senior Publisher Manager

One of numerous buzzwords in recent years has been “big data” and affilinet have made decent strides in getting the most out of the data that we have. Hopefully more advertisers will integrate product and mobile tracking, and share their internal or 3rd party data so that we have more detail to optimise on and a greater understanding of the contribution we’re making. On a personal note, I fully intend to follow suit and start making time to analyse numbers and trends to inform my daily work better and shape the overall direction of the publisher services team.

Sandy Hocking, Publisher Manager

2014 is set to be another huge year for both the industry as a whole and affilinet. My aim is to stay at the forefront of affiliate marketing developments and to help ensure that affilinet is front and centre. This year will include the unveiling of exciting new tools for our publishers and pushing these out to market is one of my priorities.

Eleri Jones, Publisher Executive

One of my main objectives for the coming year is to grow long tail publishers. They are often overlooked as a means of driving incremental sales; one of the most organic means of customer acquisition is through this medium. The short tail is getting shorter and shorter; this demands change. I will be focusing particularly on recruiting new content publishers and understanding how they can evolve and maximise their opportunities on the affilinet platform. I also hope to focus on recruiting new publisher models and initiatives onto the network to ensure that our platform remains fresh for our Advertisers.

Vicky Bruce, Senior International Account Manager

In 2014 I want to continue to expand Thomas Cook’s already sizeable publisher base. Travel is such a dynamic market, and there is no shortage of emerging affiliates with tons of potential to watch out for. Thomas Cook are really pushing their recruitment efforts at the moment, and our aim is to double the number of active publishers on the program by the end of the year. It’s a challenging goal, but one that will be very worthwhile!

Dan Lancioni, Senior Account Manager

My new year’s resolution is to drive further affilinet growth. In 2013, affilinet was Europe’s fastest growing affiliate network , posting 11.3% growth year on year, out performing all competitors. My aim is to be part of a team that continues this trend coming for 2014. Our clients are always pushing us to deliver bigger and better performance every year, so it’s important that the affilinet business progresses so we can continue to exceed our client’s demands.

Sylvia Leroy, Account Manager

My New Year’s resolution is to expand opportunities to new affiliate spaces. The affiliate landscape changes quickly and sees strong technology publishers emerging. These new exciting actors are hyper reactive and constantly developing innovative solutions to engage and re-engage with consumers. Where they differ from the more traditional publishers to me, is by their understanding of the advertisers’ needs and their ability to adapt and fill in the “conversion gaps”. affilinet has built strong relationships with these new actors over the last few years – my goal is to make sure my clients make the most of these affiliate spaces on their programs.

Rosana Bosanac, Key Account Manager

I believe becoming more efficient at leveraging the longtail and the demographic audiences that these sites tap into is something that will be a key point for affilinet this year. Especially due to the growing needs of brands to gain incremental sales and reach through these affiliates that are great at targeting and communicating a niche audience. Thinking more long term and establishing direct relationships with these affiliates will play a big part. As an industry we should be focusing more on the value that these affiliates can add in getting across the brands’ propositions and hopefully finding a way to reward and leverage this will innovate affiliate marketing.

Katie Mulvaney, Consultant

My New Year’s resolution for affilinet is to continue delivering ‘best in class’ affiliate programs. I want affilinet to continue helping current clients to maximise profits as well as providing new clients with the right information and advice to get started in the affiliate marketing industry. As well as this, I hope affilinet retains its title as the fastest growing affiliate network in Europe with one of the most experienced teams.

Steve O’Neill, Consultant

My New Year’s resolution is to push the continued growth that affilinet have seen over the last year. Now, is an exciting time to be part of this team, with innovative ideas and an excellent standard of service to our clients. I want to bring large, well-known brands on board as well as be part of some new successes for the lesser known guys.



Harry Tyndall

Key Account Manager at affilinet.

Harry joined affilinet in September 2013 as a Key Accounts Manager, where he is responsible for overseeing programme activity and implementation of affiliate strategies for his key accounts across retail, charity and travel and also manages our lead generation programmes. Harry is also Director of the charity ‘African Passions’ based in Cape Town, a sports charity which looks to unlock opportunities for African communities, using sport as a catalyst to do so. Before working at affilinet Harry was a Business Development Executive at Affiliate Window.

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