affilinet’s New Year’s Resolutions

With 2015 just around the corner our team have put together their goals and resolutions for the year ahead. Find out their thoughts on key trends, goals and more for 2015…

Helen Southgate, Managing Director

I said that when I came to affilinet I wanted to ruffle some feathers, I’ve perhaps put a few out of place, but I’d like to do that a bit more in 2015.  In a positive way of course, I want to push for change in the affiliate channel but also promote why advertisers should invest more into affiliates in 2015.  This is a channel I’ve been involved in for 12 years now and I’m passionate about its continuing success and growth, as is affilinet.  I think we should be proud of what we have achieved as a channel in the last 20 years, not be afraid to call it affiliate marketing and shout a lot louder about what great value it can add.  On a personal note, I plan to climb some more mountains and put myself forward for more ridiculous sporting challenges!

Peter Berry, Senior Publisher Manager

My team have some pretty punchy goals for 2015 and we’ll be giving a lot of focus over to acquisition and engagement of new content publishers. More importantly I need to overtake Dan Lancioni on the office pool leader board, who currently leads the way courtesy of playing by far the most frames. I also need to polish up my South Korean language skills…obviously.

Paul Brown, Head of Operations

Its an exciting time to be in working in digital marketing, at the time of writing the British economy is in the best place it has been since the highs of early 2008, click and collect services are helping to save the high street, mobile commerce is now enabling truly interactive marketing tactics in verticals other than retail and we are all learning to add new entries to our calendar. All of these factors contribute to an ever changing market place, where it is sometimes  difficult to separate hype from the future trends you need to tap into.  Therefore my professional resolutions for 2015 (apart from drinking less coffee), are to spend more time with affilinet’s clients on both the advertiser and publisher sides to better understand the barriers they face in their day to day businesses and work out how affilinet can support them to overcome these.

Sophie Beagrie, Account Manager

My main objective for 2015 is to ensure that Thomas Cook’s publisher base is perpetually expanding and developing in terms of securing new opportunities within the affiliate space. Whether this is introducing new innovative technology to improve the usability and brand experience from a publisher and customer perspective, or intensifying the relationships between current publishers by supporting and employing their new developments and offerings for 2015. Growing the outreach base in itself is a huge importance to any merchant, however it’s equally imperative to ensure that each publisher develops and maintains a thorough understanding of the brand’s ethos, strategy and goals, to deliver the best results and ensure that the partnership is viable for both sides – that being said, this is going to be an ongoing resolution of mine, and very much so – an exciting one!

Eleri Jones, Senior Publisher Executive

This year I hope to grow the quantity and quality of our active publisher base on the UK platform. Our new Performance Ads and Performance Links products are the ideal tools for bloggers and content sites to monetise their sites and they are incredibly user friendly. Subsequently, we’re looking to recruit thousands of longtail publishers to our platform who will benefit from these products and finally get recognised financially for their contribution to affiliate sales, and I cannot wait to play a part in all of this.

Helen Nugent Account Director

For 2015 I want to ensure affilinet get recognised for the hard and valuable work that is carried out for our UK clients, hopefully this recognition will come as some nice sizeable client wins and some shiny awards. We hope to maintain the long standing relationships that we have across the publisher and client side and further cement this with even greater results for all. For the industry as a whole I also hope that the value of Performance Marketing becomes more and more recognised within the whole digital mix and senior people within agencies or at blue chip companies understand the grand opportunity within the industry, I hope that the term affiliate/performance marketing is understood outside of the digital arena and that trust and belief is given where credits due.

Sylvia Leroy, Account Manager

My main objective for the New Year is to further adjust how the affiliate channel responds to my clients’ objectives. Whether they are looking at acquiring new consumers, reducing the drop off or pushing particular products, there are plenty of tricks to optimise the channel and drive value for the client beyond simple revenue growth.

Sophie Parry-Billings

Sophie joined affilinet as a Marketing Executive in September 2013, after an internship in PR. She is responsible for pro the implementation of the UK marketing strategy and raising brand awareness through events, PR and online activity.

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