Getting to know…Gavin Male at R.O.EYE

We sit down with Gavin Male, the new MD of R.O.EYE, to find out what exactly he has planned for the digital agency, where his favourite watering hole is and reveals why his dream of taking a trip to space is about to become a whole lot more plausible.

How would you describe yourself in three words? Loyal, Amiable, Bald

You’ve previously worked at a network, how does it feel to be agency-side now? It’s an entirely different challenge and you find a whole load of different areas that need the focus. The core driver at an agency is very much the client, whereas with the network role there were a number of different areas that needed focus – Publishers, Merchants, Sales and Tech. It’s good – a change is as good as a rest!

Now that you’re MD, what are your plans for R.O.EYE? We are currently in the process of re-positioning the agency to be a more rounded digital performance agency than being solely focused on Affiliate Management. The affiliate area will very much remain at the core and continue to be the largest area of the business but we are in the process of launching other, complimentary service offerings such as R.O.EYE Social, R.O.EYE Lead Gen and R.O.EYE Publishing.

Sounds very exciting! You began your career in recruitment, what were the most valuable skills or lessons you took from this? If you can’t do someone a good turn never do them a bad one. In a specialised industry, such as digital marketing, paths are bound to cross again in the future and you never know who or where that may happen so never lose your professionalism and never forget how important the people are to any organisation.

If you owned a private jet where would be the first place you would fly to? New Zealand. Amazing country, great people and it’s warm, sunny and summer there at the minute.

You’ve been in the industry for a while now, what’s the most innovative affiliate activity you’ve been involved with to date? The launch of cashback. Back in my first role at, around the time the ‘bubble’ burst, we were essentially the first reward scheme in the UK but with members being rewarded in shares not cash… it was a LONG time ago, but lots of people out there still remember it!

You went to university in London so you must be very familiar with the city. Where are your favourite spots to catch up with friends? I’m all for checking out new places… but I’m a simple man and I do love a big burger and a pint. Currently, one of my favourite haunts is the Holborn Whippet, great range of constantly changing craft beers and an awesome burger. Thoroughly enjoy the Street food scene too and @Kerb_ in Kings Cross is well worth checking out for a lunch that comfortably beats a soggy sandwich.

Do you have a grand or greatest ambition that you’re working towards? I studied physics for my degree and a trip into Space has always been an aim. Unlikely that I’ll get to be an astronaut now, but the way things are going with commercial space travel almost available I am very much looking to go into space… that and supporting Arsenal until they win a trophy again… not sure what will come sooner!

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