Getting to know… Helena Barroso-Zarco, Senior Account Manager, affilinet


HelenaHelena recently joined the growing affilinet team as a Senior Account Manager for the Sky program. I decided to sit down and ask her a few questions about her new role and what she thinks of affilinet so far. Find out more below…

 You recently joined affilinet team, what do you think so far?

I’m very happy and excited to be part of the affilinet team. It feels like being part of a family, everybody is friendly, helpful and fun!

What attracted you to the industry?

I started in the industry as a Marketing Assistant and had no idea how exciting this industry was! I discovered a completely new world and I’m not planning to leave it. The best thing is that there’s always something to learn and new technologies and companies are appearing every day.

 What excited you most about affiliate marketing?

Publishers have the great opportunity of being a brands ambassador and earning commission for it! What else can you ask for?

 Tell us a bit about your new role and what it involves?

I’m Senior Account Manager for Sky and I look after the TV division of the business, getting to know the publishers that currently are part of the program and putting in place strategies to get new exciting opportunities.

 How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Outgoing, energetic and passionate

 Finally… what was the last thing you purchased online?

6 pairs of shoes and 2 bags… but I’m returning 3 pairs! So not bad, I might be able to get away from my new colleague’s perception of “crazy shopper”!

Sophie Parry-Billings

Sophie joined affilinet as a Marketing Executive in September 2013, after an internship in PR. She is responsible for pro the implementation of the UK marketing strategy and raising brand awareness through events, PR and online activity.

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