IAB Release Publisher Standards Charter


The IAB Affiliate Marketing Council has recently announced the creation and publication of the Publisher Standards Charter (EPC). The document offers guidance on how publishers can strengthen their relationships with advertisers. Its underlying goal is:

“to protect all parties involved, the commission and partnerships that publishers rely on, the advertisers’ brand and customers and the overall success of the industry.”

 The charter aims to acknowledge the importance of Publishers as part of the affiliate marketing industry. Although there has been a similar charter for Advertisers available for the last four years- this is the first charter of its kind available for the publisher community.

The affiliate industry isn’t always the easiest industry to understand, there is a whole host of jargon.  The charter is there to provide a clear set of guidelines which Publishers can use to get themselves up to speed on affiliate marketing and make the process that much easier. It outlines the key practices that Publishers should adopt when working with Advertisers, media agencies and affiliate marketing networks.

Another area of confusion for Publishers is that networks operate in different ways, with different guidelines and approaches. The charter aims to rectify this by outlining a more uniform approach to affiliate marketing across the board.

Finally, in order to ensure that brands are being represented correctly the charter sets out to highlight best practice guidelines for Publishers within four key areas:

  1. Key features of the Publisher/Advertiser relationship
  2. A Publisher’s duty to the public
  3. How Publishers should deal with Affiliate Marketing Networks and Advertisers
  4. Technical practices

To read the full charter click here.

Daniel Lancioni

Dan has 5 years’ experience in affiliate marketing and is currently one of the Account Directors in the UK team. As an Account Director, Dan’s main responsibility is to devise and execute top level strategies for affilinet’s advertiser, based on pre-determined KPIs. He is also an active member of the IAB legislation committee, which aims to provide a transparent framework for all advertisers, publishers, agencies and networks within the industry.

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