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For our latest day in a life series, I decided to sit down with Gary Adam Argent, Co-Owner of Gratisfaction UK, to find out more about his role and Gratisfaction’s unique offering. Find out more below. 

What does your role at Gratisfaction involve? What is your favourite part of your current role?

My current role at Gratisfaction UK is to manage the daily publishing of the latest freebies, voucher codes and bargains to our growing audience. My favourite part of my current role is reading all of the comments from people who benefit from our offers and knowing that I am helping people save money.

Could you tell me a bit about Gratisfaction?

Gratisfaction UK is the UK’s fastest growing freebies site. We bring our users the very best free samples and free stuff, in addition to selected voucher codes and flash bargains – to help families save money.

Can you give a quick overview of your site to potential advertisers?

In addition to our main site www.gratisfaction.co.uk which currently receives in excess of 30,000 unique visitors per month, we have a growing network of bargain promotional channels on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. This network of targeted promotional channels amounts to over 55,000 social media followers. We would impress upon potential advertisers that we have a growing and proven track record of converting clicks into sales due to the targeted nature of our promotional channels.

How did you get started in the digital industry?

We (my brother and I) got started in the digital industry having grown frustrated at the poor quality of freebie offerings from other UK freebies sites and having seen an opportunity, we decided to try our best to fill the gap and make it easier for freebie fans to find everything they could wish for in one convenient place.

Tell me about your typical working day- what does it involve?

My typical working day usually starts off with catching up on emails from advertisers to keep abreast of any new campaigns which may benefit our customers. I then spend the rest of the day sourcing freebies and offers and compiling them into our Gratisfaction UK newsfeed. Any spare time I find during the day often involves engaging with fans on our social media.

What are Gratisfaction’s unique selling points?

Gratisfaction UK’s USP is that we are the only UK freebies site that posts freebies 7 days per week and 365 days per year. We strive to bring only the best, genuine offers to our customers and pride ourselves on the quality of the offerings.

What was the last thing you purchased online?

The last thing I purchased online was a necklace set that we will be giving away to one of our loyal fans in our latest competition.

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