A Day in the Life of… Richard Lane at Mindshare

As an Affiliate Business Director I head up the affiliate and lead gen activity here at Mindshare, so I have to make sure that all existing activity is being run effectively and efficiently, hitting targets and expectations.  As well as identifying new opportunities and inputting into pitch processes where there is an affiliate requirement. I will also have a responsibility on accounts to assist or guide the digital teams where required to make sure that the channels are collaborating as they should.

A typical working day will consist of clearing emails in the morning and catching up with any urgent queries that may come up i.e pitches/forecasts etc. I regularly catch up with the team to discuss new business opportunities for our existing/new clients. It is highly likely that there would be a supplier meeting, either a brand new supplier proposal or an existing supplier giving an update on developments or tools at their end. Finally, I have to supply a regular forecast update to finance with regard to billing and income, and with many developments day to day this is something that I have to keep on top of, and update on a regular basis.

To be effective in my role definitely requires patience, although this does get tested at times 🙂 I also have to make sure that I remain as objective as possible when working across channels to make sure that we are servicing the client(s) to the best of our capabilities rather than a silo approach just for affiliate, for example. This is harder than it sounds, especially when an account would consist of a client lead, media planners and the channel specialists –  so we have to make sure we are all heading in the right direction to meet our common goals for our clients.

I love working across so many clients but also being exposed to so many different channels and departments that working within a multi-service agency brings. Never more evident than our annual ‘Huddle’, a day in which we invite clients and media owners to get together, shares ideas, discuss technologies and predict the future (which has previously included a panel with Andy Gray and Ray Parlour chatting about football media). There really isn’t another event like this and it’s great to be part of.

In terms of measuring success at Mindshare, there are the obvious performance metrics that the rest of the industry would use i.e CPA/CPL/CPC/CPS etc, but we also measure success in terms of income and formal client feedback, which we receive twice a year. This keeps us always on our toes and highlights our strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis.

Over the years there have been massive developments in technology, especially concerning the quality of online traffic and conversions. So whether it monitoring traffic streams or insight into product purchases it is all appreciated as long as it can help us reach our goals. Many affiliates and lead gen partners we work with have their own bespoke technologies – some of which are excellent in providing quality and insights for our clients.

I joined the industry back in 2006 after a recent move to London. Looking back it was a great time to get involved in an industry that was really only a few years old. Over recent years I have seen many elements of the industry evolve and develop which is amazing, showing how adaptable our industry can be. Moving forward I would like to be part of an increased affiliate and lead gen presence for Mindshare. We have made great strides, especially with our first 2 performance award wins ever, earlier in the year, so this exposure is something we have to build on.

My advice for anyone who wants to work in the digital industry is research. So for example, make sure even if you do not work directly within other channels, keep up to date with developments and KPI’s in other areas, this will help you appreciate how your channel fits into the whole marketing mix and therefore enables you to plan for a client effectively. Acknowledging another channel and its benefits can only help in your developments, regardless of your channel or sector. I would also say, enjoy it! The digital industry as a whole is constantly evolving with new technologies, new platforms, new challenges and new possibilities for running your activity, so it is very rare that day to day is the same.

Richard Lane

Rich joined Mindshare in 2009 managing clients such as Land Rover and Mazda and working closely with networks such as Affilinet to deliver strong and successful affiliate programmes for our clients, as well as working with the other channels within Mindshare to identify possible opportunities for further development of the affiliate channel. Having also worked at Manning Gottlieb and TradeDoubler over the past 5 years, he has experience across various sectors with clients such as Apple, Gala Coral, Virgin Media and The Post Office together with many different partners and affiliates that these programmes involve.

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