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Adam Johnstone




For our latest addition to our day in the life series, I decided to sit down with Adam Johnstone, Digital Marketing Manager at Good Energy to find out about his role and Good Energy’s unique selling points.

What does your role at Good Energy involve? What is your favourite part of your current role?

As a Digital Marketing Manager at Good Energy my roles includes overseeing a variety of channels including PPC, display, SEO, email, social media and of course affiliates marketing.

My favourite part of the role is linking all of those channels together, delivering a seamless journey to the end user and diving in to the Analytical data behind it all!

Could you tell me a bit about Good Energy as a brand?

Good Energy is a British renewable energy company with a difference. Our mission is to transform the UK energy market by helping homes and businesses to be part of a sustainable solution to climate change.

Simply switching to Good Energy cuts your carbon footprint by 24% and means that the UK has to import less fossil fuels from abroad. So switch now!

What are you looking to achieve by launching an affiliate program with affilinet?

Good Energy is looking to reach out to new customers and gain incremental acquisitions through affilinet’s network of Publishers.

Can you give a quick overview of your program to potential partners and the top reasons to work with Good Energy as a publisher?

Publishers can earn £30 for every single fuel sign-up or £50 for every dual fuel sign-up to Good Energy. Not only do you get a kick back for sign-ups, you’ll be helping to move the UK towards a cleaner, greener future.

What are Good Energy’s unique selling points?

  • 100% renewable electricity
  • The only energy supplier awarded a Which? Customer Satisfaction score of 81% or better 5 years in a row
  • Topped the last 3 Martin Lewis polls for energy suppliers
  • One of the world’s top 10 ethical companies

Finally… what was the last thing you ordered online?

The last thing I ordered online was a wireless charger for my smart phone. Truly living the digital dream!



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