A Day in the Life of… Aga Marchewka UK Market Specialist at Voucherful.co.uk


To begin our ‘Day in the Life’ series I spoke to Aga Marchewka UK Market Specialist at the international voucher codes site voucherful.co.uk. She reveals how she began her career in digital marketing, what her typical working day involves and what makes voucherful.co.uk unique to the affiliate market.

agaSo Aga, you have worked at voucherful.co.uk since June 2013-what does the UK Market Specialist role involve?  

I represent International Coupons and all our markets in the UK. I look after the UK voucher code website called voucherful.co.uk and manage a team of two. I cooperate with the other market account specialists; sharing experience and learning new marketing tactics. I run actions to get more users for voucherful.co.uk as well as to promote UK merchants. I also develop clients and network relations; negotiate bespoke offers, exclusive codes, and special campaigns.

How did you get started in the digital industry?

My adventure in the digital industry started about 8 years ago. It was during an international internship at a UK gaming company in London, where I first heard about affiliate marketing. I fell in love with it and decided to do everything I could to explore it further. Once my internship had finished I came back to Poland to complete my studies, after receiving a Masters Degree in International Economic Relations, I joined buy.at based in London. After over 7 years in London, I have come back to Poland where I continue my passion for performance marketing working for voucherful.co.uk. 

Could you tell us a bit about voucherful.co.uk and your International Coupons Programme.

Voucherful.co.uk is owned and operated by International Coupons, the company that owns a chain of voucher code related sites. We are registered in Poland, based in beautiful Cracow. We have become the leading brand in the Norwegian, Danish and Polish markets and since 2008 the International Coupons Group has launched websites in 20 countries worldwide.

Voucherful.co.uk is the customers’ destination for online vouchers, promotions and deals from a large number of UK online shops. Our mission is to create the trustworthy and user-friendly online shopping experience. The site’s goal is to facilitate saving money during online shopping.

Tell us about your typical working day- what does it involve?

I start my work pretty early. I try to be in the office before 8am, that gives me time to go through my emails and industry related news. I create a plan and priorities for my team and myself, this ensures that everyone has clear tasks and achievements for the day and the month. My Team is responsible for collecting and publishing voucher codes and offers on our website. Together we write blog posts and engage with social media. I also speak with networks and clients to get exclusive deals and arrange bespoke campaigns, write articles and news from International Coupons, work on guest posting for our clients, and develop industry related features.

The time flies by and around 4pm I try to gather my things and come back home. On some days I manage to, on many days I will log in and check our site later in the evening. We all truly care about our voucher code websites.

What are voucherful.co.uk’s unique selling points?

We are a Global Group and have established presence in 20 markets. We are a self-funded company and a profitable firm which are continuing to grow and expand into new markets. We have unique international expertise and over 5 years of customer savings and sales generated for clients. Kodyrabatowe.pl is the biggest voucher code websites in Poland! We run creative promotional campaigns across all markets, on site promotions and have dedicated social media, PR and marketing managers to support us with all these actions.

What kind of goals do you have at voucherful.co.uk? How do these span internationally?

We have many plans and clear goals to continue our growth and expand internationally, well globally really. Now, we have reach and access to online shoppers from 20 markets. There are 300,000 active users across all our voucher code websites who spend around 90 million Euros per year. In 2014 we will launch a voucher code website for new markets, a mobile app and additional services to the clients to work more effectively with us. We have marketing and PR actions scheduled and always want the clients to take part in them where possible.

Our main strategy is to work towards being the best voucher code site for retailers and retain our place as a leading player in the voucher code field worldwide.

And finally, how can Voucherful.co.uk add value to a merchant within their affiliate marketing strategy?

There are many UK clients who wish to expand internationally. We have already established worldwide presence and know the specifics of particular markets. We work with native speakers and experts for those countries.  But what is really good is the fact that all those clients who are unsure if they want to launch their shops in other countries can test it with us. We also give them access to a completely new group of potential customers, running bespoke campaigns for them on the chosen market. We have a great expertise and experience for the Polish, Italian, Brazil, Spanish, Slovakian and Turkish market- just to name really few from our portfolio.


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