A day in the life of Colin Carter…Director, Weather2Travel.com

colin carterColin has worked at Weather2Travel.com since its launch back in 2005. I decided to interview him to find out more about his role at Weather2Travel.com and the Weather2Travel.com site. Find out more below.

What does your role at Weather2Travel.com involve? What is your favourite part of your current role?

I get involved in many different areas of the business. My main responsibility is to look after all technical aspects of Weather2Travel.com including new functionality and brand integration. I am also the main contact for travel brands. The best part of my role is working with brands to find unique ways to promote their products through strong content and use of technology.

Tell us about your typical working day, what does it involve?

My days are varied, but usually involve many emails back and forth to brands, agencies, networks and technology providers. I also manage the web developers, which as some might know, is always fun, and discuss the content strategy with the content team. When I’m not doing all that (and if I’m lucky) I can play around with databases and code. I’m a techie at heart!

Tell us a bit about Weather2Travel.com, what are your unique selling points in the market?

We like to think Weather2Travel.com is a bit of a special breed in the world of online publishing, mixing well-researched, original content with detailed climate information, and the very best travel deals going. From the weather guides to the products and discounts we promote, everything we do is underpinned by the desire to help our users find and enjoy their holiday, fully informed, for less.

Can you give a quick overview of your site to potential advertisers?

The world is really our oyster, so all travel brands are relevant, from airlines and holiday providers to hotels, car hire and more. We engage travelers at the planning and research stage of booking a holiday, which is ideal for brands looking to push their products to a ripe audience. We are also very tech-savvy, and operate our own holiday, flight, hotel, villa, car hire and airport parking search tools, integrating the latest deals and discount codes as well.

Ultimately, Weather2Travel.com gives travel brands extensive exposure and the perfect opportunity to interact with active users ready to purchase online.

What was the last holiday you booked online?

Naturally I do a lot of research online to ensure I get the best deal. I’ve just booked to go skiing in Norway in 2015 (which should be interesting as I don’t ski very well), so that’s the next holiday sorted. Previous to that, I booked flights with BA to Alicante 11 months in advance of departure – by far the cheapest option for a large family traveling together.

What have been the key trends in travel this year?

The phrase ‘year of mobile’ has been said time and again, but it looks like travel brands are finally embracing and utilising mobile. More and more brands are launching responsive sites (including Weather2Travel.com, currently in the works), while many travel brands are continuing to create their own apps. While this action is great, it raises questions in affiliate marketing over mobile tracking and cross-device tracking which need to be addressed.

The increased availability of free WiFi worldwide is fantastic for travelers, and means more people are online, on the go, than ever before. Travel brands and publishers just need to respond to this demand, ensuring their information is easily accessible all of the time.

Finally, all eyes remain on Google Travel and Apple travel products to see how they will change the shape of the online travel industry


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