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For our latest addition to our day in the life series, I decided to sit down with Mike Meade, Director at 360VoucherCodes to find out about his role and the 360VoucherCode site. Find out more below.


  •         What does your role involve at 360VoucherCodes? What is your favourite part of your current role?

Being the Director, my role includes a little bit of everything such as development and coding, PPC, SEO, content writing, sales, accounting and general management but most of the time I am adding new voucher codes and deals to the site as that is the core of the business. I would say my favourite part of my role is providing the best possible discounts for our visitors and knowing that they will be pleased after using our service.

  •         Tell me about your typical working day and what it involves?

My typical day involves waking up at 7am, checking what emails I can quickly reply to on my phone and flagging/forwarding and important tasks that need to be completed that day. Then once in the office, I get through all the other emails and catch up with my sales team to discuss the day’s targets and objectives. The rest of the day I am adding new codes and deals to the site and checking statistics and click through rates to make sure we are pushing the best brands and discounts to our audience.

  •         How did you get started in the digital industry?

I first got started in affiliate marketing with a white label mobile phone comparison website which cost me around £50 and I quickly realised that affiliate marketing was the career for me, I loved the fact that I could make money while I was sleeping and yet still offer a quality service to my customers. I have developed multiple affiliate sites over the years and have also had experience on the merchant side when I was Head of eCommerce for a clothing brand.

  •         Could you tell me a bit about 360VoucherCodes?  What are your unique selling points?

360VoucherCodes.co.uk started off as WickedVouchers.co.uk and was rebranded and redeveloped from the ground up in 2014, and quickly became one of the fastest growing voucher code sites in the UK. Our unique selling point is that we offer constant updates 24 hours a day 7 days a week from automatic API’s and our team adding codes around the clock.

  •         Could you give us a quick overview of your site to potential advertisers?

We offer discounts and voucher codes to UK consumers and with millions of visitors to 360VoucherCodes.co.uk and over 120,000 email subscribers we can promote discounts to our entire database or to specific sectors to maximise click through rates and conversions. We generate circa £20m annually in revenue for our current retailers on board and see conversion rates of up to 40% for some advertisers.

  •         What kind of goals do you have at 360VoucherCodes?

In 2016 we are developing a mobile app for Android and iOS, a huge percentage of our visitors are mobile users and we aim to capture these users to retarget. We’re also looking at expanding into Europe and the US as the majority of our competitors already have a presence offshore and this is where we are currently lacking.

  •       What do you think will be the biggest trend for the digital marketing industry this year? What were the biggest changes you witnessed over 2015?

I think big data and marketing automation will be at the forefront for most brands in 2016, the ability for a company to automate marketing activities based on predictive analytics will be ever increasingly important to brands of all sizes. I also think there is still long way to go with mobile marketing and 2016 may see some new technology that helps advertising to become more native on mobile and wearables.

  •         And finally, what was the last thing you purchased online?

The last thing I bought online was the AFC Bournemouth kit for my 8 year old son after noticing that he had been searching for it on eBay, I’m hoping he’ll grow up to be a premier league player and buy his dad a big house in the country. It would be the best investment I ever made!

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