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As general manager at Savoo I lead a team of talented staff in the UK, Germany and France and ensure that the international team has the resources and tools to do their job. I do a lot of work planning and driving new country launches as well as international strategy planning and reporting.

Being Savoo’s public ambassador involves coordinating new initiatives locally and overseas.  On a day to day basis I meet and work with networks and merchants to help them maximise their ability to reach and optimise. I also work with our marketing team to grow our UK consumer reach and ultimately become a savvy shopping destination site.

On a typical day I arrive at the office at 9.15. Our working hours at Savoo are typically 9:30– 5 which is short by comparison to other businesses but we always tend to do overtime and attend events during the evening. I deal with emails from the US and plan for the day – I always ensure I’m going to get three things done no matter what the day brings. Often I’m meeting with CEO’s of networks, or senior online companies in the UK as well as working internally helping various team members overcome challenges and deal with opportunities. Usually I’ll get home around 6pm and work until 9/10pm, often on calls with the US.

Savoo is involved in various exciting things at the moment. Number one is all the new country launches! We are in eight at the moment and planning several more. There’s a lot of interest being generated from retailers about working on pan-euro marketing. We launched our first iOS App this week and we’ve had a wonderful reception. We have a huge product roadmap here and want to launch this across all our markets as well as an Android version. We’ve recently moved to Farringdon and love welcoming new guests!

The sheer variety of my job is what makes it so enjoyable. The pace and constant change in the industry is great to be a part of and I love being based in the UK as I think it’s the hotbed for global innovation. Getting the opportunity to build cool things and challenge the status quo is fantastic. It’s also really great to see consumers respond to a marketing campaign. As well as all that I enjoy working with retailers and helping them achieve their goals – there’s nothing like working with a happy retailer.

My background is actually HR where I was involved in everything from recruitment to psychometric testing in Australia, although I did study a combined HR and Commerce degree specialising in Marketing.
When I got to the UK, I decided that marketing was the way forward, so I joined a below the line marketing agency which did some work with digital and that’s where I first heard about affiliate marketing – this was in 2006… I then spent over 3 years at an affiliate network before I was invited to join Savings.com – and the rest is history.

As for my next steps – I’ll always be in digital and I think my next step will be to start my own venture. But in the meantime Savoo is my no.1 passion and I’m committed to hitting the goals I mentioned above over the next few years.

My advice for people who want to work in the industry would be to ensure you do your research about the area of digital you want to move into. I’d always recommend speaking to people who are actually doing the job you think you want to be doing and find out from them what the day to day is like for them – most people I know in the digital space would welcome being approached!

Once you’re in the job, I’d recommend finding a mentor who can help you understand the digital landscape. And lastly, go to events and network as much as you can. If you are going to be successful in this industry it’s all about people. The best tip I can offer as well is pick up the phone and meet people (stop hiding behind e-mails!! – you know who you are 🙂 ).

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General Manager at Savoo

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