Affiliate marketing – how to start off on the right foot

right footSo you’ve just entered the affiliate marketing world, your program has been set up and now it’s live. What do you do next? How do you make your program available to as many publishers as possible? How can you keep affiliates engaged? Which publishers should you work with? How can you make the most out of affiliate marketing?

For any advertisers out there who are thinking of any of the above, have a read through some of the tips that I’ve put together. With all the new technologies and advertising formats out there, they should help you to get the best out of your program and maximise your success rate!

The Benefits

  • Setting up an affiliate program  is simple and risk free, advertisers pay based on performance so you have nothing to lose giving it a go.
  • Working with the performance channel allows you access new advertising opportunities to help expand your business. It enables you to test and trial new channels and activities without risking large upfront investments.
  • As well as being a fantastic channel for driving sales, affiliate marketing can help to generate qualified leads for future marketing activities.


 Get Organized

  • During initial set up, you will receive an information pack to get you started. Take a read through the documents as they offer guidance on how to make your program as attractive to affiliates as possible and optimize your affiliate activities. 
  • Please make sure your program description is enticing, informative and helpful to publishers, remember this is the invitation to your program!
  • Your program’s terms and conditions must be clear, concise and regularly updated. This information is displayed on the affiliate sign-up page and outlines  your programs parameters, enabling affiliates to see whether they would be best placed to promote your business.
  • Get to know the platform. Affilinet has created an easy-to-use interface for our advertisers, which summarises everything you need to know about the performance of your program and information on all your publishers. Take a look through and call the team if you need any guidance.
  • Make sure you provide a selection of good quality creatives so the publisher has more to work with.  Regularly updating creative or enhancing the range on offer can be an extremely effective way of activating existing and engaging new affiliates.


Be Competitive

  • Do your research to ensure you are competitive with your commission rates and cookie length.
  • Be flexible with your top publishers. Strategically increasing your rates in return for increased exposure is worth considering as this can help to boost your program and seasonal campaigns.
  • Be open to working with a variety of publishers as they target different consumer groups at different stages in the purchasing journey. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to test the value of different channels without risking large upfront investment.
  • Offering incentives can help to entice new publishers to join your program, reactivate dormant affiliates and encourage affiliates to go that extra mile for seasonal peaks.


Regular Communication

  • Communicate with your Account Manager on any ideas you have or advice you may need. If you have any deals or offers we can try to include them within our marketing activities or seasonal promotions.
  • We also have an award-winning publisher team who work closely with the account managers so make sure you communicate what types of publishers you would like to attract with your program so we can help you to expand your affiliate base.
  • It is important to communicate any upcoming promotions or seasonal activity to affiliates to ensure they can integrate with your marketing activities to optimize exposure and sales.
  • You can take advantage of our blog, twitter feed and the industry forum to advertise your program and upcoming promotions. We will also keep you up to date with on the industry events and other networking opportunities.


… One last thing

Don’t think you are alone out there; the majority of the clients I speak to everyday have little or no knowledge about affiliate marketing. Regardless of the economic climate and competitive market, there are still plenty of opportunities for advertisers to grow. Feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can help to push your program.

Rebecca Pickworth

Rebecca Pickworth joined affilinet earlier this year as Account Manager. She is responsible for the set up, launch and growth of affiliate programs on the network across a variety of sectors. Previously Rebecca worked in Online Gaming for 2 years.
In her spare time Rebecca enjoys discovering new places with her friends - her recent favourites being the city of angels Los Angeles, and The Experimental Cocktail Club in Soho.

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