Black Friday beats Boxing Day sales

affilinet’s data shows the lessons to learn ahead of next year’s shopping frenzy – how can marketers use content sites to boost sales?

affilinet, Europe’s fastest growing affiliate network, today reveals that despite a 22% increase in the number of online sales made on Boxing Day, Black Friday was the standout shopping day driving 195% more orders than Boxing Day.

This is the latest indicator that UK shopping habits are changing dramatically. The year on year data shows that ‘Cyber Week’ is now an established shopping trend and marketers and retailers should prepare for this. Although traditionally Boxing Day is one of UK’s biggest shopping days there is a growing appetite for pre-Christmas Sale days with orders increasing year on year by 48% on Black Friday and 53% on Cyber Monday.

2015 has also seen a significant swing away from purchases made on desktops in favour of tablets and smart phones. This is particularly true looking at Christmas Day and Boxing Day where purchases made via mobile devices rose above 50% for the first time. It is likely that new electronic gifts, in combination with the extended bank holidays, pushed shoppers towards mobile devices.

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2015 has also seen a significant rise in the number of orders made through content sites, with Cyber Monday (46%) and Boxing Day (36%) seeing the biggest increases. The growing use of mobile devices has been a major driver behind the growth in purchases from content sites, with Boxing Day seeing a 33% increase in orders on tablets and a 100% increase in mobile orders originating from content sites.

The close of 2015 was hugely successful for online retailers. Looking at the way consumers shop, both the surge around Black Friday and the move to shopping via mobile devices – gives valuable insight to marketers as to how they must adapt their strategies over the next year to ensure that they are ready to meet the demands of 21st century British consumers.


Richard Greenwell

Rich is responsible for overseeing the publisher team and the integration of large publishers on the UK platform. He ensures that we provide a diverse range of publishers for our advertisers and in addition our publishers are connected with the correct Advertisers. He also works closely with the international teams to bring greater data insight across all markets.

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