Brits Saving £452 a Year Through Discounts, Vouchers and Cashback

New research from Santander 123 has revealed the full extent of the British and their money-saving exploits. The report discovered that in the past three months, an average of £113 has been saved from discounts, which totals £452 throughout a full calendar year.

Over four in five of those in the UK (82%) consider themselves to be ‘regular’ users of discount sites, cashback rewards and other means of securing discounted prices according to the bank’s data.

In terms of the percentage split, 47% frequent price comparison websites and 31% seek out discount codes online. Cashback websites are only visited ‘regularly’ by 20% of respondents.

Head of Banking at Santander, Hetal Parmar, hinted at a new era of buying that could mean retailers and restaurants not offering discounts of any kind may be overlooked by potential customers.

“It looks like the days of buying things at face value are passing,” she said. “Our research shows that we’re a savvy nation of shoppers, with millions of people across the UK regularly securing valuable discounts.

Sector-wise, travel and holidays are showing the biggest savings. There are 25% of Brits who have secured a discount in this area in the last three months and the average amount saved over the same period is equal to £49.60.

Santander’s research pointed to women being the shrewdest shoppers. The bank found that females (83%) are more likely than males (80%) to use discounting.

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