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AndyAndreouWith the exciting news of the upcoming launch of the new Quidco mobile app (keep your eyes peeled on 24th May!), we interviewed Andreas Andreou, Sales Director of Quidco to find out more…

Describe yourself in three words
Ambitious, dedicated and always late.

What was the last thing you earned cash back on?
£25.70 cashback at Nice eh?

You work with former affilineter JJ.  How’s he doing these days and what projects is he working on?
James (Josh) is doing great. He just got back from a trip to Barbados although if you see his tan you’d think he spent a week locked in a sunbed. He’s working on a few top secret projects (no…. not the toolbar). You’ll see them soon!

What, in your opinion, differs quidco to other cash back sites out there?
How much time do you have? I could go on for hours and hours. Here’s a short list (time for the sales bit):

– We’re no longer just a cashback site. Cashback is our core product but we have developed other money saving features to help our members. Last year we added voucher codes to our site as well as a car comparison section. We also work with a number of clients that do not offer cashback and other short term campaigns as long as they give our members a special offer.

– Exclusive tools and functionality for members. I already mentioned our comparison feature above but we also have other solutions such as our instore cashback that no other 100% cashback site has. Members simply enter their current credit card details and then within 24 hours they can start shopping at selected retailers instore such as Debenhams and get cashback on all purchases.

– Our site is clean, no spam, easy to use and we spend a lot of time optimising placements to get the most return for our clients and members.

– Huge development team. Our developers don’t get as much credit as they deserve. We have a huge development team that are working on multiple projects and this year we really do have some exciting and innovative tools that will strengthen our position as market leader.

– Professional and fun Account Management. We have a great account management team at Quidco full of experience. We have grown the team to eight now which gives us enough resource to work closer with clients, understand their business requirements and align them with Quidco. Seven of the team also have some mean moves on the dance floor!

– We have the biggest member and client base; 1.2m and over 2,900 respectively.

– We look after our members. Our members have helped build Quidco and without their loyalty we simply wouldn’t be the company we are today. We have a 24 hour customer response guarantee, we do not take on clients if there is no member benefit, we removed a client last week because of the bad support they gave their own customers and our members, we follow up and guarantee a resolution on all cashback enquiries and we recently build a new support centre.

I hear you’re a big Spurs fan. Which football player would you most liken yourself to and why?
I would love to say Luka Modric as he is magic but I’m probably more of a Gomes; brilliant ideas followed up by some absolute……

We’re looking forward to the eminent launch of the quidco mobile app (The app goes live on the 24th May). How does it differ and why’s it exciting for your business?
We have taken our time with this project. We could have launched an app a year ago that simply resembles our site but we wanted to give something more  to our members and clients. It’s a complete multi channel product and has some unique features:

– Location based offers and voucher codes. The app will pick up your location and show you retailers nearby where you can claim a voucher code or offer driving footfall and conversions for retailers and restaurants.

– Incentivised checkins. This is unique and exclusive to Quidco. We will incentivise our members to go into a retailers store and checkin in via the app. Once they checkin they will be able to earn cashback or unlock exclusive vouchers. This feature will drive significant footfall into retailer stores at a very low cost. Clients spend £000s on ineffective direct mail where as this functionality ensures you only pay a minimal amount once they have gone into your store making it extremely cost effective.

– Instore cashback. The app will highlight our instore cashback merchants so you can walk into a store, use your card to purchase and get cashback through Quidco. This will convert members into shoppers in store. You can even register a card through the app.

– Online cashback. You can use the app in a similar way to the Quidco site and purchase through the app online and get cashback.

– Account features. The app will also have other features such as showing you your account balance, recent purchases etc.

I’ve heard quidco has a few new products in the pipeline. Can you give us any inside info on what quidco users can expect in the near future?
Unfortunately I cannot go into to much detail on other projects but will have more info closer to their launch. In the next month we will launch our mobile app and the rest of the toolbars (Chrome, Safari and IE)

It was great to see the quidco team going for it on the dance floor at the recent 7things party. Who actually IS the best dancer?
Mel and Laila play it safe and steady. James is old school (running man old school) and Emma is just crazy. For me the winner has to be Gabe as he is a professional breakdancer. I’d challenge anyone to try and keep up with him at the A4U’s.

Do you have any tips for advertisers on how they can optimise their promotional activities on quidco?
Get in touch. There is so much more to Quidco than just cashback so get in touch and we can discuss and review all opportunities together.

Next week we get to know Evelyn Mackinnon at

Serena Masih

Serena Masih

Serena is responsible for affilinet’s marketing strategy in the UK and for raising brand awareness through events, PR and other marketing activities.
Serena Masih

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