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Charles ClarkeVe Interactive entered the affiliate marketing space with a bang in 2010, partnering with affilinet to help launch their innovative online lead generation and conversion technology. Ve Interactive’s solution addresses the issue of shopping cart abandonment, capturing abandoned data on websites to use for targeted remarketing campaigns. In the first of our “Getting to know” interviews we speak to Charles Clarke, Executive Director of Strategic Alliance, Ve Interactive about the launch, plans for the future and about life in general.

  • Let’s get to know you a little..describe yourself in 3 words? 
    Ambitious, Resilient, Audacious

  • So, Charlie, you guys came in to the affiliate space with a flourish late in 2010, was that a planned move and how has it impacted on business?
    If I’m honest it was a natural progression for us. Abandonment is a huge problem within the industry with an average of 65% of all transactions not completed. If you think of all the time effort and money a website spends in driving people to their site, to say they are losing out to a large percentage of sales through simple abandonment represents a huge amount of lost revenue and of course lost opportunity for a website. Our solution provides a second bite of that cherry by targeting those individuals who didn’t complete their transaction. Working through a merchants affiliate program provides a no risk strategy as our success is based on the success we create for them. Working through an affiliate program allows us to reach a wider spectrum of clients across any vertical that utilises an online application form or shopping cart based application.  

  • Will you be focusing more on network relationships or client direct in 2011?    
    It has to be a combination of both. Both the networks and the merchants are invaluable to us in ensuring we continue to evolve and deliver this solution to the best of its ability. We pride ourselves in listening to those websites using our software and the networks who recommend us.  Their feedback and thoughts allows us to create a product which benefit all concerned and of course allows us to maximise revenue for everyone involved.

  • Do you see your business diversifying in 2011 or will you be focusing on the key product?    
    2011 will bring a lot of surprises to the marketplace but we will of course continue to evolve and develop the product to suit client needs and wants. Watch this space!

  • Is there anything the networks need to be thinking about for you in 2011 to keep the momentum created in 2010?    
    Definitely continuing to push our product to their existing client base. We bring a unique offering to the market and supply a patent pending technology to deliver additional revenue through the use of our software. Although we position ourselves as affiliates we truly see ourselves as an extension of the merchants marketing department, creating campaigns, analyzing the success of these and finding a message that works. Every client and message is different but our experience and understanding of the market allows us to maximise revenues in a previously untouched revenue source. On average our campaigns achieve between a 24% – 40% success rate and we only want to improve this.

  • What’s your greatest achievement (professional or personal)?    
    Starting a business in the recession with my best friends and partners and never being afraid to make mistakes in order to find a recipe that works.

  • How was your Christmas and New Year? Any professional resolutions made for 2011?! 
    As for Professional Resolutions… It has to be continuing to work smarter in evolving the business in creating a complementary suite of products and of course learning something new every day . We are currently in the process of opening up Ve Interactive Scandinavia given the maturity of the market so continuing our Global Expansion is near the top too.   
    Apart from spending 3 days at Luton snowed in and trying to fly back home to see my family, it was great. Personal resolutions involve spending more time with my family and friends as well as writing an unforgettable best man speech for my friend getting married in August.

  • Do you have a grand or greatest ambition that you’re working towards?    
    From a personal point of view it has to be early retirement and being in a position where money doesn’t dictate my choices. Aside from Ve Interactive I am involved in a couple of other business so creating a success of each of these is paramount to my ambition of retiring early. With regards to Ve Interactive it has to be making it the number one affiliate in the world. We don’t do things by halves here!

  • Ending on a nice note, what’s your idea of perfect happiness?    
    Spending time with my family, friends and girlfriend.

Next week we get to know Peter Rowe, Head of affilinet in the UK…

Serena Masih

Serena Masih

Serena is responsible for affilinet’s marketing strategy in the UK and for raising brand awareness through events, PR and other marketing activities.
Serena Masih

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