Getting to know – Dan Joynes at Brittany Ferries

This week we interviewed Dan Joynes, Business Development Executive at Brittany Ferries to find out what developments, both at the company and affiliate related, he has recently been involved with…

Describe yourself in three words?
Handsome, charming…modest

What advice would you offer to affiliates wanting to work with Brittany Ferries?
Get in contact with me. I am always happy to discuss new opportunities and new ideas. Suggest ways that we should be working together that perhaps we are not right now. But most importantly, get to know our product. Brittany Ferries has always been the most comfortable and relaxing way to cross the channel and the company maintains a premium position in what is a hard fought market. If a publisher can convey the Brittany Ferries experience to potential customers visiting their site then much of the good work is done.

Do you have any new developments in the pipeline that may be relevant to affiliates?
At Brittany Ferries we are developing all the time, be it additional routes and ships or updating our website. All is designed to enhance the seamless experience of our customers. From an affiliates point of view we developed booking widget for 2011 that has been taken up by a handful of publishers that gives good access in to our site. We are continually updating our creative in line with our general marketing messaging so keep an eye out.

What was the last destination you last took a Brittany Ferries to?
The wonderful port city of St. Malo. I know I am completely bias, but it really is a great experience. I travelled from Portsmouth, had dinner in our a la carte restaurant onboard, got a great night’s sleep in my cabin and then explored the city over the weekend. It involved cafes, restaurants, walks on the beach and so much more.

What are the three things you wouldn’t go on holiday without?
Cheesy, I know but my wife and my son. This leaves one other item, so let’s say cheese.

What’s been the greatest achievement for you at Brittany Ferries?
A real tough one, Brittany Ferries has seen many changes during the period that I have been here. But I guess, my greatest achievement is being continually involved with the development of the company.

Who would you most like to have breakfast with?
I have always been much more of a long, lazy lunch man. Not great at breakfast.

How do you integrate the affiliate channel with the rest of your marketing activities?
The affiliate channel remains an important part of our overall marketing mix. It represents a good barometer for how we are being received in the market and is a good test bed for trying something new.

How is the development of your new environmentally-friendly passenger ferries coming along? Do you think the launch of these ferries will have a big impact on the amount of people travelling with Brittany Ferries?
We are committed to progress and innovation but we also have a commitment to the environment. We are a company founded by farmers, largely owned by farmers therefore have a deep respect for the environment and the sea generally. Ferries that slash our CO2 emissions in the future and eliminate nitrous and sulphurous oxides can only be a good thing.

Next week we interview Luke Pursey at Intela

Serena Masih

Serena Masih

Serena is responsible for affilinet’s marketing strategy in the UK and for raising brand awareness through events, PR and other marketing activities.
Serena Masih

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