Getting to know…Dennis Burow at affilinet

Dennis is the latest affilineter to take part in our company exchange program. Having recently joined us from Munich we sat down with Dennis to ask him about what it’s like working as a key account manager, what the differences are between the UK and German markets and where his favourite London photography spots are.

What are the three words that best describe you?
Creative, nice, funny.

What do you like about working in the Key Account Management team?
You’re in contact with many different clients so you have the possibility to see different processes and approaches in different companies which is very interesting. You represent the company and need to know the market very well. Furthermore, you‘re in contact with all departments at affilinet. Working as a key account manager is very varied.

We are lucky enough to have you here in the UK office for the three months! What were the main reasons you decided to come to London?
I’ve been to London on holidays a few times and liked the city a lot because of its various opportunities and its size. There are so many things to do on the weekend. And of course London is really creative, I like the areas around Shoreditch and Brixton very much.  I think it is very unique.

Are there any noticeable differences you’ve observed between the German and UK markets?
Mobile Marketing is more established in the UK market so I’ve noticed some different approaches compared to Germany but the most important sales drivers for both markets are still voucher codes, Cashback, (email) Retargeting and Postview.

What are your best tips for retail advertisers thinking of launching a program in Germany?
You should definitely work exclusively with affilinet because we deliver the best service and of course the best products.

How would you describe the German team?
They are very friendly, obliging and there is a really nice working atmosphere within the German team.

What was the last online purchase you’ve made?
My last purchase was a lens for my digital camera.

We know you’re a keen photographer in your spare time. Is London providing you with ample inspiration?
Yes of course. I’ve been to a lot of areas in London and have really gotten into urban photography. In London there are some really impressive buildings and tube Stations like the Canary Wharf Station, the National History Museum or the City Hall. Check out my photos here:

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