Getting to Know… Eleni Savva, Office Administrator

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The lovely Eleni joined the affilinet team two weeks ago.  She sits at our brand new  reception desk, ready to greet all our visitors. I decided to ask her a few questions, find out more below.

Tell us a bit about your role and what it involves?

I am the new office administrator, it is a new role for the company and was put in place to help the office run smoothly.  I also offer support to Helen and the rest of the team with various tasks.

 You recently joined the affilinet team….what do you think so far? Was it what you expected?

I think I have a different background to most people in the office as my previous roles were in gyms and just before joining affilinet I worked in a casino. I didn’t really know what to expect on my first day but everyone was very helpful and friendly so it was easy to settle in. Everyone is really enthusiastic about their roles and supportive of each other which creates a fantastic atmosphere to work in.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Curly, giggly and chilled.

 What was the last thing you bought online?

Cool answer: Beyonce tickets …..  The truth: Laptop stands for Dan and Dhruve!

 Tell us an interesting fact that people at work don’t know about you?

I used to play for Spurs even though I support Arsenal… my brother still hasn’t forgiven me.

What websites do you like to browse on in your lunch break?

Arsenal website !


Serena Masih

Serena Masih

Serena is responsible for affilinet’s marketing strategy in the UK and for raising brand awareness through events, PR and other marketing activities.
Serena Masih

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