Getting To Know… Eleri, Harry, Sophie and Dan.

We are really delighted to welcome four new members to the affilinet team. Eleri joined us two weeks ago as a Publisher Executive, whilst Dan, Harry and Sophie all joined us at the beginning of this week. Harry joins us as a Key Account Manager, Dan as a Senior Accounts Manager and Sophie as a Marketing Executive.
Eleri Jones

You recently joined the affilinet team what does your role involve?

My role is to support the publisher network by working with affiliates to ensure strong advertiser-publisher partnerships. I deal with incoming publisher queries as well as identifying promising new publishers, as part of the publisher recruitment objective.

What do you love the most about affiliate marketing?

What I love about affiliate marketing is its transparent return on investment. It allows the advertiser to track the customer journey from start to finish, thus enabling the advertiser to get to know their customers better. Also, as a performance marketing channel it’s a cost-effective method of gaining new customers.  It’s all about the end result.

Describe your perfect holiday:

My perfect holiday would probably be to Mexico! I love Mexican food and so it would be the perfect excuse to gorge in Mexican delicacies and justify it as exploring the local culture!
Harry Tyndall

You recently joined the affilinet team what does your role involve?

I have joined the affilinet team as a Key Account Manager, looking after clients in travel, retail and in the charity world. This is set to be a marriage made in heaven as I am keen traveller and participate in a lot of charity work with a project I run in Africa called African Passions.

What do you love most about affiliate marketing?

I love the fact that advertisers can simply pay their partners only when a sale has taken place. I often see adverts in newspapers, magazines and on TV and I think ‘What has that brand actually achieved from that advert, what was their return on investment?’ Seeing a true reflection and transparency on a brands ROI on campaigns they are running is what I get a kick out of most and is something I look forward to exploring even further. If everything in life had such a process to achieve great results, the world would be a better place.

What gadget could you not live without?

It would have to be my IPad, known as SAF, after Sir Alex Ferguson. Occasionally I will call him SAFY when feeling all romantic and smoochy. My IPad is my one true love, my other half, which makes me happy on a daily basis. Find me someone who is as reliable as SAF – I can do everything on him, communicate, shop, research, do some work, be entertained, listen to music and be organised (to an extent!). When I look at the amount of time we spend together, we barely argue : sometimes he doesn’t provide videos without a buffer here and there and on the rare occasion he will stall, but I just see it as his time of the month; but most of all I love his energy, full of life, where I am always able to keep him turned on.
Sophie Parry-Billings

You recently joined the affilinet team what does your role involve?

As a Marketing Executive my role involves providing support to the Marketing Manager in the marketing of affilinet and the implementation of the UK marketing strategy. I will be working across a variety of marketing disciplines including social media, email, event organisation and the company website.

What excites you the most about affiliate marketing?

For me the most exciting thing about affiliate marketing is the fact that it is constantly evolving with the development of new technology and the new consumption habits that emerge from these technologies.

What was the last online purchase you made?

As I live in the ‘middle of nowhere’ at the moment,  I have made a  habit of online shopping! The last purchase I made was for some photo prints and a photo canvas of holiday photos, oh and some new shoes!
Daniel Lancioni

You recently joined the affilinet team what does your role involve?

As a Senior Account Manager at Affilinet, my main focus is to build and maintain relationships with my key clients and deliver incremental growth, for their business, based on a pre-determined set of KPIs. My day-to-day work could span from sending over a weekly report to a client, all the way up to presenting a Quarterly Business Review; showcasing previous performance, successes & challenges and growth opportunities.

What do you love the most about affiliate marketing?

Never knowing what’s next… When I started in the industry, all I knew was price comparison, price comparison and a bit more price comparison. Since joining an affiliate network and reading more about affiliate industry as a whole, you begin to open yourself up to different models which you’d never heard of before. And when you’ve finally understood all those affiliate models, another 10 of them pop up for you to get your teeth into! It really is a fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

If you were a movie star who would you be and why?

Ryan Gosling of course! Why? Well look down…


Serena Masih

Serena Masih

Serena is responsible for affilinet’s marketing strategy in the UK and for raising brand awareness through events, PR and other marketing activities.
Serena Masih

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