Getting to know…Fiona Bateman at affilinet

Just a few weeks into her new role, we caught up with Fiona Bateman to find out how she getting on as the newest member of the affilinet Account Management Team. We ask Fiona to share her top tips for a successful program and we uncover her slight obsession with shoes!

Fiona, you’ve just joined affilinet as a Key Account Manager. How do you think your previous experience as Account Manager and Client Services Team Manager at Freemax Media will positively contribute towards your new role?
Coming from such a large publisher I have a pretty solid appreciation of what publishers are looking for from advertisers and vice versa. My previous role was largely growing and developing key relationships and campaigns so there are a lot of transferable skills involved that will hopefully serve me well at affilinet!

You’ve worked in affiliate marketing for over three years. What’s the most exciting development you’ve witnessed in the industry during that time?
For me, I don’t think there has been one stand-out ‘most exciting development’ but perhaps the fact that Affiliate marketing is now being recognised as a vital and credible part of the marketing mix amongst advertisers. The speed at which this industry constantly develops and changes and how adept the key players are at adapting and innovating in response always amazes me.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Commercial, adaptable and loyal.

How have you found your first couple of weeks within affilinet. Was it what you expected? Is there anything that has surprised you?
The first few weeks have been pretty much what I expected! I was surprised how close-knit such an international company can be – but that’s a good thing!

What are your top tips for advertisers when it comes to creating a successful program?
I would have to say, to be as open as possible to new ideas, innovations and publishers and to keep communication between all partners frequent and flowing.

What was the last thing you bought online?
Three pairs of shoes – I think I have a problem!

A little birdie told us you can lick your elbow. When did you first discover this was possible?
I actually have no idea.

Finally, what fictional TV character are you most similar to?
Hmm that’s a hard one….maybe Patsy from Ab Fab because I like a good drink!

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