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Luke_PurseyWith lead generation increasingly on the radar for blue-chip advertisers, we interviewed Luke Pursey at Intela, to find out how the market has changed since he’s been in the industry and what he thinks is in store for the coming years.

I hear you were a bit of a thespian in your student days, have you taken to the stage recently?
In my younger days I was an Actor, a good one at that too, having done a few films, and lots of TV shows. I have not taken to the stage or the TV cameras in over 12 years now and have no plans to.

What are your top tips for advertisers looking to run lead generation activity?
In order to run a good lead generation campaign, you need to understand the metrics, know your market, use the leads quickly (strike while the iron is hot) and understand the correct value of the lead. Every lead has a value.
You’ve been in the online media industry for 12 years, how do you feel that the market has developed in that time?
The market has changed dramatically in that time. At that time lead generation was not even heard of in an online environment, but was big in the offline world. Many companies have come and gone over the years. Online is now a far bigger channel and over taken TV in terms of spend. You would never have thought that 12 years back.
As a Fulham fan, how do you feel about the recent appointment of ex Tottenham manager Martin Jol? 
Only time will tell. All the Tottenham fans think quite highly of him. A lot will depend if he can keep the players we have and sign a couple more, the question will be if funds are available. He recenly stated he was looking for four or five signings, so that should be interesting.
Like most affiliates you take a trip to the affiliate summit in Vegas each year. What’s the highlight of the trip? 
Yes indeed I do. I also go out to the New York Affiliate Summit, which is coming up in August. The highlight for Vegas has got to be the gambling, and of course meeting all the major US affiliates and seeing what is generally happening in the space.
What role do you see lead generation playing in the affiliate mix in the next 12 months? 
Lead generation is becoming a really important channel and I am expecting it to grow even further over the next 12 months. More and more budgets are being allocated to the lead gen channel and more networks and agencies are breaking in to the space by building their own teams that concentrate solely on this area. This can only be good news for the sector.
How would you describe yourself in three words? 
Funny, handsome and modest
What can advertisers working with you, do to make your job easier? 
Give a full brief, understand the market and set out the objectives from the beginning of the campaign. It’s a huge market so its important to give lead generation a fair chance as it will play a major part of the online marketing mix when done successfully, the market is only going to get bigger.

Next week we get to know Richard Lane at media agency Mindshare.

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Serena Masih

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