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NeilMcDermottWith so many interesting new products in the pipeline, we interviewed Neil McDermott, Co-Founder of online publishing and performance based search engine marketing company, Venturian Media. We find out about his love of music, football and, naturally, performance marketing.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Has nice hair

I hear football is one of your biggest loves. How’s the rehabilitation coming along?
I assume we’re talking the rehab of my knee and not the affiliate free bar related kind? Yeah it’s OK thanks. Unfortunately I can’t stand the gym so after 7 months out I’m trying to play in non-competitive games to get some fitness back. I scored on my first game back but then managed to pull my hip, groin and hamstring on a pub quiz machine 2 days later so think the future looks bleak!

If you were granted one wish what would it be?
England to win a major football tournament, although I did once say I’d get a 3 lions tattoo if that happened so I think we’re better off in a permanent state of raised hopes followed by crushing disappointment (plus my Mum would kill me if I got one done).

A birdie tells me you fancy yourself as a bit of a Liam Gallagher wannabe. Tell us more….
Based on my penchant for a spot of karaoke and love of music I can see the likeness. Unfortunately the closest I got to being Rock’n’Roll was dismantling a Corby Trouser Press and as this question is coming from Kev Sutton I suppose he’s focusing on my appearance. He likes to suggest  I have become a bit more, shall we say Indie since moving to London (homeless is the word he uses). I’m more of a Tom Meighan man these days anyway.

What do you think has made Venturian particularly successful in the affiliate market?
We pride ourselves on open and honest relationships with both merchants and networks. We’re a small team with key staff who work across all accounts, meaning we always have team members available with an excellent understanding of the the clients’ business. We believe we are friendly and easy to work with, and the experience and ability of our staff means we have a more agile process when getting new programmes and changes live promptly and successfully.

What are your USP’s in paid search?
As a business we work closely with a number of big name merchants not only in the UK, but also in Australasia and we use that experience to benefit any PPC clients we work with. Having been prominent in the paid search field for the last 6 years, we have experience in building successful campaigns and landing pages so we can cut through a lot of the trial and error by providing tried and tested solutions.

A lot of pure PPC affiliates have continued to develop their original offering do you think this is important and how have Venturian tried to do this?
As well as our complimentary PPC search we also have a number of community sites in fields as diverse as charity (, finance in Australia ( and telecoms ( Our sites offers useful comparison tools, news and reviews for consumers and we are increasing each sites reach through Facebook (my second home) and Twitter.

We are currently very excited about the long awaited relaunch of our social shopping network (we are currently in beta testing mode). Boxedup allows you to create lists of products or gifts you find online.  You can create lists for anything from birthdays, to Christmas to your wedding and add products from around the web via our browser shortcut. The social side means you can share lists with your friends and find others who like similar products.

We’re also close to launching a new retail (cough cough voucher codes) site for the Australian market so all in all it looks like being a busy year for the VM team. With an increased retail focus both here and abroad we’ll also be looking to expand the range of advertisers we have relationships with.

What would be your tips to advertisers looking to work with Venturian?
Drop us a line. We’re always happy to talk with merchants of all sizes. If we can see an opportunity that we think can (importantly) work for both parties we are always happy to explore it. Once beta testing is complete on boxedup we will be giving it a real push to increase the user base, so will be particularly interested in speaking with any retail merchants who would like to discuss ways we could feature them on the site.

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