Getting to Know… Teresa Sacristan at affilinet Spain

Teresa Sacristan has worked with affilinet Spain in our Madrid office for two years. She has recently moved from a Marketing Assistant role to a Publisher Sales Executive role and we have been charmed with her presence as she gets her teeth into her new role from our London office as part of a 3 month affilinet International Exchange Program. She provides us with an insight into affilinet Spain and lets us know how she’s finding her new British surroundings…

Teresa, you have just moved from the affilinet Spain marketing team. So far, how does working on the Publisher side of things compare to your previous experience within marketing at affilinet?

Well, the main difference I’m experiencing is the very strong focus in performance and results and the fast paced rhythm of each day. There’s no “it can be done tomorrow” which is a bit exhausting but very exciting at the same time as everyday is a challenge!

What are you most looking forward to about your new publisher role?

I am looking forward to learning as much as possible about the market, forging a deeper connection with online marketing players and gaining a higher specialisation.

We are lucky enough to have you here in the UK office for the three months! What were the main motivators in you coming to London?

I chose London because UK’s market is the main point of reference for the Spanish one, together with USA and it’s very interesting for me to learn the current trends here that will soon emerge in Spain or can be exported. It’s also a very good opportunity to meet publishers that also work with Spanish traffic and with whom we could start collaboration.

This is an appeal for all these publishers, let’s meet up and start working together!! 🙂

You were recently travelling in Brazil- exciting! What is the one thing that you would take home from Brazil if you could?

It’s sooo difficult to choose only one thing!! The samba, the nature, the people!! But ok, choosing only one, I think I would do a copy-paste of the Natal beaches and take them to Madrid. I can imagine myself having a cold coconut on the seaside after work, wouldn’t that be great?

Beach Breaks or Adventure Holidays?

Adventure holidays on the beach!

Good answer! How does affilinet Spain differ from affilinetuk from what you have seen so far? Do they work with more post views and CPL models than we do here in the UK for instance?

I must admit I am still learning the UK way of working… but this is a good example, as I think in affilinet Spain work more with every kind of model, such as CPC and CPL apart from CPA.

What would you say makes the Spanish affiliate market tick?

I’d say it is that the Spanish market is in a period of high development and evolution, which represents very good business opportunities.

How would you sum up the affilinet Spain Team in 3 words?

Hard workers, enthusiastic, smart and sooo fun! I know you asked only for 3, but it wasn’t really enough to describe it, sorry!

During your three months stay here- what is on top of your ‘Things to Do while in London’ List?

Definitely, becoming bilingual!!

Lauren Herbert

Lauren joined affilinet UK at the beginning of 2012 as a marketing executive. Lauren will become heavily involved in the affilinet social networking platforms and events side of marketing and is looking forward to implementing exciting new strategies in the coming year. As a Brighton Business Graduate, Lauren's previous employers include IBM and Films United.

In her leisure time Lauren enjoys live music events, spontaneous adventures, vintage shopping and making attempts to master Italian.

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