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ViiviVaatainenViivi recently joined the team as Publisher Services Executive, so we thought a quick 60 second interview would be the ideal chance for us to be nosey and get to  know her 🙂

Welcome to the team Viivi. Describe yourself in three words.
Straightforward, outgoing, always up for a laugh (oops, that’s 7 words!)

You spent a year travelling the world, what was your favourite place?
New Zealand – hands down. Such a beautiful, amazing country.

What was the last thing you bought online?
I’m actually wearing my latest online purchase as we speak! It’s a dress from Asos; I love them. The frustrating thing about this job is constantly coming across fabulous online stores, so I’m always making notes of websites I need to return to in my spare time.

If you didn’t work in marketing, what would you be?
A psychologist. I’ve always had a strong personal interest in psychology and anthropology; I find it all extremely fascinating!

What made you leave your Finnish roots to come to London?
The thrill and opportunities of the big city. Finland is beautiful, but just a bit quiet for my taste.

You’ve been at affilinet a couple of weeks now, how do you see your role within the publisher services team evolving?
At the moment I’m still in the learning stage but starting to accept responsibilities such as reviewing publisher applications and managing transaction enquiries. No doubt the range of my responsibilities will extend over time, and I will become more active in managing relationships with publishers.

Although you’ve had previous experience in online, you’re relatively new to affiliate marketing. What have been your first impressions of the industry?
Although I didn’t run affiliate campaigns in my previous job on the client side, I became familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing and therefore what goes on here hasn’t come as that much of a shock. I think I’ve had most trouble with learning the jargon used within the industry. I’m improving though, I can already understand about half of what you guys are talking about! 😀

Was there anything that surprised you about the industry?
I knew the digital marketing industry is young, but I have to say I’m surprised by the fact no one seems to be over 35! Having an MD under the age of 35 is obviously extremely inspiring though.

You went to TFM&A this week, did you pick up any affiliate marketing tips you think would be of interest for publishers or advertisers?
I must say the most interesting seminars to me were those concerning industry developments throughout the digital field. The increasing integration of different forms of media (even offline vs. online) is something that should not be ignored by anyone in my opinion.

You will be responsible for approving affiliates on to the network, what tips can you give affiliates looking to join affilinet?
Some key words: quality, relevancy, traffic, transparency. Give us as much information as you can to help us process your application as quickly as possible.

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Serena Masih

Serena Masih

Serena is responsible for affilinet’s marketing strategy in the UK and for raising brand awareness through events, PR and other marketing activities.
Serena Masih

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