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Last week I attended the IAB seminar ‘fast-moving consumer goods’ (FMCG) along with some of the affilinet team. The event was focused on three panel speakers presenting different advertising models.

The Consumer Goods sector is now the biggest spender in terms of online advertising. In this competitive space, brands need to use clever tactics to stand out from their competitors, engaging with consumers who go on to purchase. FMCG marketing is all about thinking like the consumer and with great products and exceptional advertising creative brands can differentiate themselves and engage with consumers across the purchasing journey.

Below I have detailed my key takeaway points from the seminar:

Specificities of FMCG brands

Over time, brands have moved from a straightforward and factual advertising style, such as TV spots to one which is emotive and viewable across multiple devices. UK household have on average nine different devices and as such advertisements now need to cater for each device. As the consumer goods sector becomes increasingly competitive, brands need to find ways to create trust and an emotional bond with consumers through their digital advertising campaigns. Most successful, are short video ads and interactive videos which engage with the consumer before a considered purchase.

Interacting with the users

Interacting with the users can mean a simple personalised add, but can go far beyond that with amazing results. For instance, an interactive video spot where the user is invited to participate and engage with the advert. Similarly Html5 creative has a stronger conversion rates than flash or static banners, because of their interactive aspect.

Interacting with the users also means enabling users to share your content or adverts and the bonus here is that is also increases the potential reach of your overall campaign.

Here are the 10 key ways to interact with your consumers-

  1. Shareable – Create shareable content to drive engagement and talk ability i.e. the Coca-Cola share a bottle campaign.
  2. Collaborative – Work with others for authentic and targeted reach
  3. Discoverable – Make the brand visible across the digital ecosystem i.e. consider search Ads in google.
  4. Consistent – Create and reinforce memory structures- Stay consistent with your branding and messaging.
  5. Continuous presence – Maintain dialogue and engagement across channels, ensuring your brand engages with consumers across the purchasing journey.
  6. Participatory – Drive longevity, advocacy and social proof i.e. use twitter to engage with consumers and create brand advocates
  7. Innovative – Demonstrate uniqueness and create interest
  8. Insightful –Reach out to your consumers, with relevant information in an entertaining way which captures the attention of your audience.
  9. Impactful – Get your content noticed
  10. Creative – Inspire and increase brand preferences and likability

Clever Advertising

As the purchasing decision process for FMCG is often relatively short and straightforward, brands need to reach out to the users at the optimum time. For this, in-depth user targeting is essential.

Brands should also use programmatic cleverly to target the right users at the right time, and above all to avoid annoying their consumers. It goes without saying that, with this type of advertising, in-depth user targeting and moderation is essential to drive performance in the long term.

Adapting your advertising to multiple devices should also be part of your digital strategy. For instance adverts on mobile need to be shorter and more impactful than on desktop.

From this seminar, it is clear that FMCG brands need to be creative in the way they advertise. By using adverts that interact and engage with consumers, brands have the opportunity to stand out in this competitive sector. Cross-linking devices would be the next step to better advertising, among brands to see a consumers purchasing journey across devices.

Serena Masih

Serena Masih

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