Getting to know…Joel Tobias at NetVoucherCodes

Joel Tobias is Head of Business Development & Manager, London Office at NetVoucherCodes. We caught up with him after our Face Time event for an insightful look at the performance marketing industry from a publisher’s perspective.

Tell us a bit about your role at NetVoucherCodes.
Where to begin…? I was tasked with starting up the NetVoucherCodes London operation ‘from scratch’ in late May 2011. The plan was pretty concise; Develop and add further structure to existing partnerships, build new partnerships and grow merchant revenues. The idea was that I’d work down here on my own until such a point where we could justify expansion.  I had an overwhelming amount of support from everyone at 4DX Media (our parent company) and indeed our existing business partners that within 18 months we’ve gone and built a magnificent, growing team and upsized the London office twice.  I guess I’m just a multi-tasker.

Describe yourself in three words.
Straightforward, Tenacious, Kind.

You have 5 years’ experience in the online marketing space, what are your most important learnings so far?
Always think about the end user of your product/service before anything else. Without happy repeat users, you have no business.  Be obsessive with the numbers and never become complacent.  In this industry, there is always something new to learn and a fresh challenge just around the corner. I really like the saying “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there” as it’s so true.

At NetVoucherCodes you tend to work very closely with merchants, how do you prefer your network and publisher team to support you?
We love it when networks and publisher teams take the time to learn about our products and strategic level opportunities. As we are so much more than a desktop site I try and encourage all of our agency partners to put us in front of their merchants when possible, to ensure that they’ve been exposed to every relevant opportunity. Nobody can pitch your business better than you, right?

We love reading your tweets, who do you enjoying following on Twitter?
Lord Sugar and the West Hampstead twitter feed (as I live there and like to keep up with the various goings on, as sad as that is!)

What was the last voucher code you redeemed?
I got a discount off some aftershave at Gill Makepeace over there will be pleased with that unintentional plug.

What gadget could you not live without and are there any on your wish list?
As old school as it may sound, I love my iPod. It makes travelling around London and wherever else that little bit more tolerable.  I’ve never owned a MacBook despite the fact that I keep threatening to buy one…so I’d say that’s on my wish list. I am most definitely not an Apple geek by the way.

What’s your greatest achievement (professional or personal)?
Sticking to the topic of work, one of the proudest moments of my career was the day we got the keys to the NetVoucherCodes London office. It was a bit emotional actually as it was our confirmation that the constant hard graft we’d all put in to get to that point had paid off. But we weren’t complacent (!)

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