Getting to know…Jordan Emery at Found

We caught up with Jordan Emery and asked him a little about his new role as Affiliate Partnerships Manager at Found. He talks us through what Found have to offer to affilinet advertisers and reveals his greatest achievement yet. Hint: it’s not managing a successful ecommerce business.

Describe yourself in three words.
Dedicated, Innovative, Personable.

Tell us a bit about your role at Found.
My role is to proactively seek out and make it easy for advertisers to implement new and exciting affiliate opportunities, and to ensure that everyone I speak to has fun and enjoys doing business with Found. It’s our vision to establish Found as the UK’s most productive, successful and desirable partner for paid search affiliate marketing – through great results and great relationships.

You co-founded your own ecommerce company before joining Found. What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve taken from that experience?
Everything I have learned in setting up and managing my own successful business has been invaluable to my understanding of how our industry operates. Alongside the need for speed and accuracy, the most valuable for me is one that rings loud and clear throughout the business world: the most profitable piece of business you’ve done for years could lie in an idea you’re not too sure about – you will never know,  unless you give it a go!

This lesson has proven extremely prudent in my work for my business and for Found. There are so many opportunities and ways to make incremental revenue by working in partnership with us, and I can’t wait to chat through these and drive new business for affilinet advertisers in the near future. .

In such a competitive marketplace, how does Found’s value proposition differ from other search marketing agencies?
1.  Found started life as a paid search affiliate in 2005, so getting paid on a CPA (and by proxy, ensuring cost savings + revenue growth) has always been intrinsic to our company’s turnover. Every analyst we hire, we train in the CPA mind-set – from campaign build, structure and testing, to the psychology behind ad copy messaging needed to create optimal CTR and QS.

2.  We have our own studio team, headed up by Luke Townsend (ex Apple) who build PPC support sites, and conduct conversion testing and MVT etc. This team sits as a resource alongside all clients to ensure we spot opportunities for revenue growth and add value to our campaigns.

3.  We have a subscription to Hitwise. This provides us with unparalleled insight into search and competitor strategies, trending and developments for all campaign planning.

4.  We understand the wider channel mix – as a specialist performance agency, we deliver market-leading strategies across SEO, Social Media and Mobile channels. We have worked extensively to understand how each channel impacts or can benefit the others, and we will always be able to identify, inform, advise or execute additional elements for your campaigns, to make them holistic, revenue-focused and performance-led.

5.  We review all technologies continuously, but we don’t rely on the market to provide for us. If we see we can do something better, we’ll build it. We have so far built a PPC keyword tool, an SEO audit tool (in Beta), and our unique reporting interface (to be delivered in Q4 this year), ProFound.

6.  We invest heavily in our employees and allow them to positively influence the company’s development – we created a concept called Found Labs, which enables every person in the company to create and manage internal innovation projects.

7.  I have about 20 other things I’d like to talk through, but let’s keep it snappy for now! Lastly – and perhaps most importantly – what struck me the most when joining Found, was how much each and every member of staff enjoys their work; contributing to Found’s industry leading reputation and winning us a host of industry, and wider awards including ‘Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work for’.

What was the last online purchase you’ve made?
FIFA 13.

What gadget could you not live without?
I’m not a huge gadget fanatic to be perfectly honest, as long as I have a laptop, a phone and a kettle, I’ll survive.

What’s your greatest achievement (professional or personal)?
Being ‘awarded’ the title of ‘Worst Attendance at LSE in 20 Years’, yet managing a very respectable grade….

And finally, are you dressing up this Halloween?
I’m scary enough.

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