Market Watch: France

What opportunities are available to performance marketers across Europe and how can these be monetised? This Market Watch series presents an in-depth look at market trends and predicted growth across some of the major European markets where affilinet is present.

First up: France.

Market lowdown

To borrow a turn of phrase from the recent London Olympics, the French online advertising market claimed bronze position when it came to total online advertising spend during 2011. This year it is forecast to grow at 12% – a similar speed to Germany according to eMarketer.  affilinet believes that the performance segment will broadly sit inline with this, chalking up 11.7% in extra revenues over the 12 month period.

Affilinet in France
What drives the French market? Email still plays a key part, but we are seeing increasing traction for sites such as which offers a composite ‘go to’ market strategy that includes cash back, voucher codes and price comparison services.  A model which many of the established UK players have been following for several years already.  Not to be forgotten, pure content plays a growing role in the French performance market as does media.  If you have expertise in arbitrage why not get in touch with our French team and explore this option on a short term campaign?

Food for thought
When it comes to social platforms, just like in Germany, Facebook competes with a number of local players, which are perhaps even stronger than the German incumbents.  For example, Copains d’avant holds accounts for 49% of French Internet users, which is not a million miles away from Facebook’s 56%; the difference lies in the monetisation options and Facebook’s strong API infrastructure.  For potential targeting options it is well worth checking out what is trending in each market. In France, for example, over the last 6 months Harry Potter has been nearly as popular as in the UK achieving 1.8m fans; the same cannot be said for Germany.

Look out for Market Watch: Germany coming soon!

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