Program Insight with Hannah Foxton – Hotel Chocolat

In this ‘Program Insight’ series we sat down with Hannah Foxton, Account Manager of Hotel Chocolat who provides her top tips on the brand and seasonal promotions. Find out about the Hotel Chocolat program and their unique selling points below.

Can you give us an overview of your job role and what you do for Hotel Chocolat?

I manage the Hotel Chocolate affiliate program here at affilinet, so my job is to ensure growth across the affiliate program, whilst also engaging with publishers to optimise traffic and conversions.

Could you tell me a bit about Hotel Chocolat as a brand?

Hotel Chocolat is a luxury British cocoa grower and chocolatier led by three guiding principles – authenticity, originality and ethics, all of which remain central to the brand’s success. With retail stores and cafes in major towns and cities, Hotel Chocolat are the biggest online chocolate retailer in the UK, they offer gift ideas for every occasion along with luxury gifting choices.

What is your favorite product from the Hotel Chocolat range?

I love the Salted Caramel Chocolate Puddles, but they also do the best Easter eggs with the thickest shells!

What are Hotel Chocolat’s unique selling points?

High quality chocolate is at the core of this brand and right from the start, they’ve never played by the rules of what people said a chocolate company should be. For one thing, they’re one of the world’s few chocolate makers to actually grow cocoa, on the beautiful Rabot Estate plantation in Saint Lucia. Connecting cocoa-growing with luxury chocolate-making and retailing makes them unique in the UK.

Can you give us a quick overview of the Hotel Chocolat program to potential partners and the top reasons to work with them as a publisher?

  • Impressive AOV £47
  • Average conversion rate 15%
  • Earn 5-7% CPA
  • 30 day cookie window
  • Seasonal creative and regular communication
  • Bespoke partnership arrangements

What seasonal promotions do Hotel Chocolat offer publishers and when is the best time to promote them?

Now is a great time has Mother’s day and Easter is coming up. Other relevant key trading periods would be Father’s Day, Teachers Gifts in the summer and Halloween. Of course, Christmas is an incredibly popular time for chocolate and gifting and last year we saw orders up 25% on the previous year so we anticipate some great results in 2016.

What are the key steps involved in launching the seasonal promotions?

Michelle (Online Trading Manager from Hotel Chocolat) and I will plan a seasonal promotion by inviting some of our publishers to the Hotel Chocolat Covent Garden café to view the product range in advance of launch and create bespoke plans. In these individual meetings we evaluate the campaign objectives alongside the offer availability and placement opportunities with the publishers to ensure we achieve mutually beneficial goals. Further offers run during key trading periods, such as the 10% off over £35 voucher at the moment.

Could you tell me about the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club as a brand and a quick overview of their program?

The Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club sends exciting, original and innovative boxed chocolate selections to members each month. With new selections and recipes in every box, there is something to suit all tastes. Over 100k members rate their favourite chocolates and provide feedback; we call it ‘a chocolate democracy’.

Program Benefits:

  • Average conversion rate 10%
  • 30 day cookie window
  • Seasonal creative and regular communication
  • Bespoke partnership arrangements
  • £3.50 PPL

What are your key focus areas for 2016 for Hotel Chocolat?

We will be focusing on periods such as Easter and Christmas as we forecast continued growth of the program during these key trading periods. Also we’ll be launching a new customer acquisition focus which features great incentives for both our publishers and our customers.

If you are interested in signing-up to the Hotel Chocolat affiliate program please sign up here or for the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club, sign up here.

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