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Welcome to the Publisher Data Snapshot. Each month we will be looking back on the trends of a specific vertical represented on our platform. We will be giving insight relating to programs and performance on our network. Through pulling examples from our own platform, we can illustrate these key trends and insights. The first vertical that we are going to be looking at is insurance, and how this area has performed over the past twelve months.

Firstly, if we look at 2015 there was a noticeable shift in the use of technology in the insurance market in general. There are a growing number of insurance companies that now have apps and more are geared towards customers completing transactions online. This shift has been strongly noticed in the industry and has adapted as such. The focus is now very much placed on online and this represents itself in the performance of our insurance brands over the last 12 months.

In 2015, here at affilinet, we launched a number of insurance programs on the network.. These added to our already successful insurance brands which include Staysure Insurance.

Representative of the trends in the insurance market in general, our performance on all of our insurance brands are affected by seasonality – peak times and periods where customers are more likely to take out insurance. This is focused around when people are going on holiday, planning a wedding etc. From looking at the performance across our insurance brands, we have seen that the peak times for our programs are dispersed across the year, but focus on the beginning and end of the year Jan –April and Sept-Dec inclusive.

To offer some insight into how insurance programs performed on our platform, we can take a look at the clicks and orders with respect to business model.

Looking at orders, we can see that the most popular models were topic websites and cashback sites.

Graph 1

Whereas, clicks were high through Search Engine, Price Comparison and Topic Websites, but they failed to convert to orders.

Graph 2

If we also consider conversion rate, we can see that it consistently improved between 2014 and 2015.

Graph 3

In total, in 2015 insurance made up 3.5% of all confirmed payments on our platform from January to December. It came fourth, after our main performing verticals of telco (60%), travel (27.2%) and retail (8.2%).

With January over, we can see that our insurance brands continued on this upward trend, with order values almost doubling compared to January 2015.

That’s all for this month, keep your eyes peeled next month for the next piece of our Publisher Data Snapshot.

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Mary Ellen Cotter

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