Publisher Focus: Deepak Tailor, Founder of Latest Free Stuff

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For our latest addition to our publisher focus series, I decided to sit down with Deepak Tailor, Founder of Latest Free Stuff to find out about his role and Latest Free Stuff’s unique selling points.

  • What does your role involve at Latest Free Stuff?

Well my day usually revolves around making sure we have the best freebies and sample giveaways on the website. We have to add new freebies to the site every day and we pride ourselves on making sure we have the best offers before anyone else. As well as this one of my most important roles is looking after the brand and partnership relationships. This involves pitching for new campaigns directly with the brands. Luckily, I have been doing this for over 5 years now so we’ve built up of connections with the biggest companies, so they’re comfortable in how we work.

  • Tell me about a typical day at work?

My day usually starts at 9am. The mornings usually involve finding freebies. I scour the internet for the best offers. Luckily my team helps quite a lot to look through forums and social media to make a collection of the best offers. One of the most difficult decision every day is to choose what freebies should go on the site. We pride ourselves on having only the best offers before anyone else. Once that’s all been settled down then I’ll sit down and get stuck into reading all the emails that would have flooded in overnight. Typically, my afternoon will also be filled with meetings, calls and more emails as brands try to organise placements across our website.

  • How did you get started in affiliate marketing?

I started when I was 20 in affiliate marketing. My first website was a free SIM card comparison website. I setup connections with all the major telecoms brands and started driving traffic to the page by sharing the page on my personal social media. It didn’t impress my friends too much but they loved the idea of getting something for free. The site grew slowly and eventually I learned to utilise lots of different traffic sources to continue the sites growth. That site is now the building blocks of what Latest Free Stuff is today.

  • Can you tell me about Latest Free Stuff and what are your unique selling points? is the UK’s largest platform for consumers to find the best freebies and samples from top brands every day. We attract over 500,000 people a month who can apply for over 700 products. there’s normally something for everyone. Everything includes free delivery so really you could spend your whole evening browsing around.

Our unique selling point at the moment is our mobile app. We are the UK’s only freebie site to have our own iPhone/Android app. We launched it just over 2 years ago, and we now have over 200,000 downloads. All of that has come without any advertising or marketing spend.

  • What kind of goals do you have for Latest Free Stuff in 2017?

In 2017 we are planning to grow and expand the current site into the USA. We have the perfect platform to replicate all the success we have already had in the UK and shift everything across to the US. Plus, we know how much demand there is for freebies and coupons so I’m sure it will go down well.

On top of this we have also launched a new website called This is a new deal sharing platform where real people can share deals and bargains from top brands in one place. Everyone votes and comments on the deals so the most popular deals always get more publicity. This website is really going to be one of our main growth strategies for expanding and diversifying as we look to move into different markets.

  • Can you give me a quick overview of your site to potential advertisers?

Well our website is perfect for advertisers who are looking to connect to an eager community of over 500,000 people who are eager to hear about new bargains and freebies. We have regular partners who are always bringing out new offers to entice our consumers to sign up to their service, newsletter or download their app. Advertisers that are able to offer discount products or give away a limited amount for free would work perfectly for our audience. One of the things that we are really good at in the office is launching campaigns really quickly. Normally we can get an offer live within 24 hours.

  • What tips would you give to advertisers looking to stand out in the online retail market?

One of the main things that retails can do is to build on the success of customer reviews. Over the last few years I have really seen the power of reviews on Amazon and how important they are in the buyer decision process. It’s one of the first things I bring up with brands when having meetings about how to improve their sales funnel or landing pages. We have seen incredible results over the last few years where advertisers have used testimonials and user reviews to supplement all the other buying signals.

  • What are the top 3 websites you can be found browsing on during lunch?

Well my favourite website at the moment is probably Google News it’s something I spend a lot of lunchtimes on as it gives me a quick five-minute glance of everything it’s happened on the day especially when I have busy days and I can’t really keep up-to-date with that’s happened in the world. The second website you probably find me on all day and not just lunch time would be Facebook. A lot of activity we do as a company revolves around the social network so it’s really important to keep up-to-date with what’s happening. The last one that I use quite a lot is LinkedIn. It’s a fantastic platform for us to connect with more brands and retailers to really show off exactly what we do and it’s been a priceless tool over the last few years.

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