Publisher Focus: Donna Wishart, What the Redhead said

In this ‘Publisher focus’ series we are focusing on our content publishers and bloggers to give them the opportunity to promote themselves and their sites. This is a chance for affiliates to share their thoughts on affiliate marketing and how they can help others get into the same industry.

In our first series we sat down will Donna Wishart, who runs a blog called What the Redhead said. We decided to find out how she became a blogger and how she selects the right brand opportunity for her site. Find out more below.

  • How did you get started as a blogger?

I was active on Twitter when my first child was born and a lot of the people I interacted with had blogs. When we started weaning with my Daughter I decided to document our weaning journey and started my own blog – although it’s evolved a lot since then!

  • What does your blog involve? What inspired the blog?

When I started blogging I had a very much family focused blog – it was about my children growing up and the milestones they reached but just over a year ago I changed my blog name to What the Redhead said and aimed for a more lifestyle focus. It is now very much a family lifestyle blog and it feels more me and permanent than my previous blog.

  • How often do you blog?

Every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I have only not posted content on a couple of days over the last couple of years – I always have something to say and something I want to write down!

  • How do you go about selecting the right brand opportunity for your site?

I work with any brands that fit in with my family lifestyle focus. I like to work with brands that I have faith in and believe in myself – and would never work with brands on my blog that I wouldn’t buy into myself as a consumer.

  • What advice would you give to bloggers who want to monetise their site while remaining authentic?

I would advise any blogger to remain true to themselves. Make sure any collaboration fits in with their style and voice and don’t compromise on that. They can easily make money through advertising and affiliate schemes without affecting their content too much if they don’t want to – keeping all of their authenticity.

  • And finally what was the last thing you purchased online?

A couple of nights ago I bought some CDs and books from Amazon. I am probably one of the last people to still use CDs and not just download the album and to buy books rather than downloading them too. There’s just nothing like holding an album in your hands and being able to physically turn the pages of a book!

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