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Welcome to the 2015 publisher showcase series, aimed at exploring the different ways publishers can drive traffic and sales for advertisers. In each article, we will be discussing a different publisher model with hints and tips to encourage and inform advertisers about the potential that lies within each model.

This month, we’re discussing Retargeting partners such as Ve Interactive and Yieldify who run lead generation campaigns to increase Advertiser’s Return on Investment (ROI).

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is an online platform that targets new and existing customers. The cookie based technology uses simple code to anomalously ‘follow’ an advertiser’s audience across the web. Every time a new user visits the brands site, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie. Later, when the visitor browses, the data collected can be used to target them online.

Retargeting is effective for brands not to just offer discounts and promotions but to recommend additional products, capture email data and increase brand awareness. It is a great way to upsell products and increase average order value, for example the retargeting platform could recommend matching accessories for a customer who recently purchased a dress.

To get started you simply need to integrate the necessary ad code given to you by your provider and you are ready to run campaigns!

Retargeting comprises of three different models: display retargeting, on-site abandonment and email retargeting.

Display retargeting

Display retargeting occurs when a customer leaves the site they have been browsing, and continues onto another site. A cookie is placed on the original site, and as the customer continues their online browsing they are targeted in the form of banners. For example, if a customer abandons a shopping site before making a purchase, the brand could target that customer through display adverts on sites such as Facebook. This is an effective way of increasing ROI because advertising spend is focused on people who are already familiar with the brand and have recently demonstrated interest. Every time the customer sees the retargeting ads, the brand gains traction, more recognition and a large lift in website visits. It also poses great benefits when looking to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Tip: It’s important to remember that all retargeting publishers require an up to date product feed to ensure all ads display relevant product inventory.

On-site abandonment

On-site abandonment delivers targeted messages to users that click to exit the site by using overlays; a graphic appears on-screen, incentivising the customer to stay on the page or finalise their purchase. The customer is incentivised through a discount code, money off their current basket, or simply invited to sign-up via email to receive offers and deals from the site. According to Performance IN around 96% of shoppers visit websites and leave without buying or booking. On-site abandonment is a great way to capture consumers before they leave the site, encouraging them to make a purchase. It can also pave the way for future purchases through the use of a simple email sign-up.

Tip: It is important to test overlays to see how they work best with your brand and customers. The overlay response could be as soon as you move the mouse, as you touch the ribbon on the site or when the customer goes to click off the site.

Email retargeting

Email retargeting occurs when a customer has abandoned their basket, left the site and ended their online journey. A customer will get an email to remind them of their abandoned basket, or will simply get offers to incentivise them to continue with their purchases. Capturing the customers email is a great opportunity to have an ongoing customer relationship, sending engaging and targeted email communications. This could be through sending product updates, sale notifications, offers or customer specific discounts.

Tip: Test, test, test! The key to successful email retargeting is testing, to see what your consumers engage with. Make sure there is a strong, targeted incentive, which encourages the consumer to return to your site and make a purchase.

Overall retargeting is an effective way for any brand to recover lost sales, increase consumer engagement and maximise ROI. It also gives brands a great chance to increase their brand awareness, maximising exposure online.

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Serena Masih

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