Getting to Know…Sandy Hocking, Publisher Manager at affilinet UK

Sandy, you’ve just joined affilinet as Publisher Services Manager. How do you think your previous experience agency side at DraftFCB and publisher side at Discount Vouchers will positively contribute towards your new role?
From my impression so far, I think it is a great middle point between my agency and publisher experience. Agency side means I have an understanding of what an advertiser looks for in a publisher, their concerns with the affiliate channel as a whole, and the elements that create interest and excitement for them. And from my time at Discount Vouchers, I know how important it is to relay the publisher’s message and goals correctly to the advertiser. I am in a great position to ensure that the information and key points are undiluted and that the advertisers are made aware of the capabilities, new functionality and most of all, the effort that goes into creating a publisher brand. I do truly believe that publishers are brands within their own right and that they do add an incredible amount of value to an advertisers marketing plans. I am very happy that my position here at affilinet enables me to champion that.

You’ve worked in affiliate marketing for over 3 years. What’s the most exciting development you’ve witnessed in the industry during that time?
The most exciting thing about affiliate marketing is that the industry is constantly evolving. With new publisher models and capabilities being introduced all the time, it is a refreshing challenge to stay up to date with what is on offer.
How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Excitable, helpful, and fast-paced.

How have you found your first couple of weeks within affilinet? Was it what you expected? Is there anything that has surprised you?
With the risk of sounding over the top; I must say that I have ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. The affilinet team are so friendly, and welcoming.
It’s a very exciting time here with Helen Southgate as UK MD, there is so much to look forward to, and loads in the pipeline.

As Publisher Services Manager, what are your top tips for publishers?
Three things: Flexibility, transparency and innovation.
I definitely believe that there is no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to affiliate marketing. As a network, our advertisers come from a wide range of sectors starting including from Retail to Travel to Finance. That is why looking at each advertiser as exactly that, an individual advertiser, can really help when it comes to creating a promising promotional campaign. Being flexible with an advertiser now can leave you in good stead for future promotions and partnership opportunities.

If you want to create a long and prosperous partnership, striking a balance is key. When working with new and existing advertisers, making sure your promotions work for you financially is very important. However, the needs and goals of the advertiser should not be forgotten. Talk to the advertiser about the ROI they are looking for; be honest about the forecasted uplift they can expect to achieve, and feedback on these results post-promotion. Being transparent is the simplest way to build a strong rapport with advertisers and continued affiliation.

Something that happens day in and day out is the development of new innovations and capabilities – We love it, the advertisers love it, and the consumers love it! Let us know when you have new features or methods so we can push this to advertisers to get them involved. We want your new developments to work just as much as you do!

What was the last thing you bought online?
Goodies from The Body Shop!

Hailing from the Gold Coast of Australia what are differences you’ve noticed between the Aussie market and the UK market in terms of the performance marketing industry?
From my experience and in my opinion the UK and the Australian markets are almost incomparable. The UK is well and truly ahead of the game when it comes to promoting their own market. I believe this comes down to a few different reasons, some I have included below.
– Australian post is not as fast as Royal Mail, mostly due to the sheer size of Australia
– The internet speed is slower, as are the development of transactional websites for some of Australians biggest retailers. (although they are catching up now)
– The mark up on goods and products imported to Australia is considerable. So, if people are going to buy online, they can probably buy what they are looking for internationally for less, then if they were to buy from an Australian Stockist or store.
Having said that, Australia’s marketing industry utilises social media very well. Aussies are an interactive bunch and marketers definitely work towards making the most of that.

Finally, what fictional TV character are you most similar to?
Apparently I look like Martine Mccutcheon – Though I have no idea what her Eastenders character was like.

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